Reflectionspast: ChurchLife ~ Church Connection Day Anniversary

Remembering back when.
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Reflectionspast: ChurchLife ~
Church Connection Day Anniversary


Notes From Wednesday, 17 October 2007

It happened at High Noon on this date back in 1993. The invitation door was open for those who wanted to join Church at Word of Life. As I walked through that door, I became one of the 1000th person to join Word of Life Church on that 3rd Sunday in October.
Back then, I had been going to Church for only a month. On Saturday, September 18, one day after my very first visit to Word of Life, I told my mother that I got saved the night before. She told me that I should have been going to Church 10 years ago.

I thought to myself…. Was I too late getting in here? I believe that my life had changed and that my attitude about Church had been altered when I met Jesus. My mind had changed. I knew that it was high time for me to start going to Church. But WHO’S Church? and Where???

I had 3 Churches to choose from. There were two Baptist Churches were some of my family were going. Or I could have joined WOLC two days after my Conversion Day. But I HAD TO PRAY ABOUT THIS ONE. I had to see what I was getting myself into. In the meanwhile, I continued to attend WOLC both on Friday Nights and Sunday Mornings gatherings.

I didn’t start going to Church until I started going to Word of Life Church. I did not grow up in a Church. It did not take to long for me to make my decision to which Church to hook up with. But it actually took a month to join Church. I had to wait for that invitation in order to get in.

I was thinking more toward the Church where I met Jesus. But I had thoughts of what would my mother think? Why didn’t I join her Church? Was my Mother’s Church good enough for me? I prayed about which Church to join. What came to my spirit was to “join the Church were I felt comfortable.” It made sense to me. That brought me peace to which Church to join.

The peace of God was with me. This was one of my decision, I believe that led me toward the Church I should join. That day came on Sunday the 17th of October 1993. I had already set my mind and my heart in motion to join Word Of Life Church on that day.

The invitation came about high noon. What I remember about that time I got connected to Church at Word of Life, my knees bucked. I was shaking when the invitation to join Church was open. My heart was beating fast. I had to calm myself down. I did make my way up the the platform. As we came forth, we gathered in a circle on the platform.

I remember the person who I was standing on my left side. Her name, Peri Zahnd who happens to be Pastor Brian’s wife. We all introduced ourselves. I was the only one in the group that had to say my name twice. I spoke softly. I need to speak up.

After our introduction, we held hands, bowed our heads and we prayed. And then we became a member of a Church through Word of Life. Finally I can say that I have a Church to attend.

I can call Word of Life Church, my home Church, where I gather in the House of the LORD. And I can say that I have a pastor. Then after we filled out the information card, Peri greeted each one of us. Then it was time to take our pictures.

I had to get my picture taken twice. Part of my head was not in the photo. I even ask if I could have the photo. It’s a polaroid picture. I missed placed it as we moved here. It will show up.

Back then our photos where displayed out in the entrance area near the sanctuary. This was so that other members of the Church could know that we were new members of the Church.

That was a good way to connect a name with a face. Over my years as a greeter and even more these few weeks, I have adopted a new attitude and awareness about The Church.

For a long while I have been seeing and greeting people as apart of The CHURCH of GOD. We are of ONE Big Church, not one individual set of churches. This common union that the Body of CHRIST has, is that we serve the same Almighty and Living GOD. I try to respect people as apart of God Creation.

As I reflect back over my past 14 years as being connected with The Church, I have been yearning to learn more about Jesus. I am wanting to discover a lot about the things of God. And how to live as I should since I began my Christian journey. Being Apart of Church Community; through fellowship with my family, the people of God, interacting with my Church family, friends, spending quiet time with my Father God and reading my Bible to name a few.

I continue to grow and change as I am in my personal relationship with our Lord God. There are milestones and markers that I cross every year. The Church Life has become something new to me.

I have found a new meaning about the Church and LIFE, as I am making my way on this path of life that God is leading me on. I am wanting to know more and more about Jesus as I am doing life in The kingdom of God. To me, Being Connected with a Church means: Being Connected with Christ Jesus.

However you can be in a Church and not be connect with Jesus. It’s through the Conversion experience that makes the connection. I confessed that Jesus is the LORD and SAVIOR of my life. He is my LIFE.

Thank You JESUS for Your Life and Your Church. From my Book of Remembrance: I am very thankful that God’s Spirit led me to the Church where His Spirit dwells. I am thankful that God introduced Himself to me at Word of Life Church.

I am thankful that God has never left me. I am thankful that God’s Spirit dwell in The Church. I am thankful that God has given me His gift of a pastor and the five fold ministry. I am thankful for my pastor, Pastor Brian, Peri and my Church family.

I am thankful that God gives me the COURAGE to share some of my life’s journey through blogging so others can hear of His goodness and mercy that He grants me in my life. I am thankful that our Father God has blessed all of His children with His COVENANT Blessings. ——————————————————————————– Some of My Thoughts: My Conversion decision to be a follower of Jesus led me to be Connected with His Church. As I was finishing up this blog yesterday, I had a thought to add My Conversion Testimony to this posting. As I was in the process of completing this, I noticed that someone click on My Conversion Testimony: The Uncut Version.

Thanks for taking the time to read how God has been working in my life. He will complete what He has started. Also every time when the invitation door is open for those who want to be connected with the Church of GOD through Word of Life Church, I tend to look around to see who raises their hands.

It’s good to see people to join CHURCH. Church is the place to gather and be in the presence of God and His people. I thank our Heavenly Father that people are being added to His Church and being Converted daily. There are over 4000 people who are connected to the Church through Word of Life Church. Thousands are making a decision to follow Christ: A Landmark for Salvation and A House of Friends.


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