Experiences A Dream Added With Prayer

I believe that God leads us to pray for others. Here is a dream that I had. I did pray for people…

What come about on the November 9th day…I couldn’t believe it.

Experiences A Dream Added With Prayer,
May we pay attention to what we dream about. Amen.

Thanks for reading,

Notes from Tuesday, 30 January 2007
Experiences—A Dream Added With Prayer

And then it happened…THAT day that Word Of Life Church and prayer warriors across the world petitioned our Heavenly Father for a BIG miracle. I believe that there are thousands other testimonies from what happened on THAT day on November 9, 1994. Here is my testimony on that account and my experiences.


On November 4, 1994 I had a very strange dream. In this dream I appeared to be at Word of Life Church. This building was on Frederick Avenue in St. Joseph MO. In this dream there was very little light. It was weird. I walked up some steps into a room. I saw a coffee table with some books or magazines on it.

Then all of a sudden a man with strawberry blond hair walks up to my in this dream. He had a strange look on his face and spoke some words to me. He said as I quote ” I know everything about your life.” And then he walks off. By now I woke up from the dream. I looked at my clock, it was 4 AM.

The man appeared to be Pastor Eric S. But in the dream it did not look like him at all. However I knew that it was him. I had the witness of my “spirit man”that it was Pastor Eric. This was a very “strong dream”. It puzzled my thinking. I thought to myself that , “only God knows everything about my life”. So I started to pray for PES. [I have made it a habit to pray for people I recognize after I have a dream about them.]

Let me go back three days before. Things started to become “weirder” to me day by day. I went back over my old journal notes. I was reminded of some things that were going on in my life. On November 3rd I received a letter…I tried to read it but as I read it, I began to weep off and on.

This weeping went on for about 30 minutes. After I composed myself , I prayed to God. I thought that my prayer sounded silly even what I said was a “strange” thing. I said “If there ever come a time when I do not want to go to church and You know that I can go, tell me to go and I will go.” I don’t know why I prayed such a prayer.

Then the next day I had this dream. November 4th was on a Friday. I went to church that night. I think that we had a guest speaker. I remember “Uncle” Hans Kroonstra was there. It was a healing service. At the end of the message Pastor Brian Z. opened the altar so he and “Uncle” Hans could pray and lay hands on the sick.

I went up to the altar. As I was standing there I looked up and over to see PES. Then that dream came to my mind. PES looked different to me. I kept looking at Pastor E wondering… what was “this”. I had a weird feeling. I forgot why I was standing there. It was strange.

As I was waiting for someone to lay hands on me, I felt in my “spirit” a “wind” or “force” coming at me from my left side. I said to myself that “I will not fear this.” This force almost “knocked” me off of my feet. I heard PBZ’s voice coming from my left side. Before he laid hands on me, the force seemed to vanished…

There were other “unusual” things that I noticed that night. That night I went home. I was very disappointed about something… In the early morning hour, I was awaken. I believed that the Spirit of the Lord spoke this words to me. ” Never never give up on your healing.” There were “unusual things” that happened that night that I couldn’t understand.

In my journal notes… the following day on November 5th, I wrote down that” I was sick all day. I was tried, sleepy… had a sore red throat”. I noted that it was a “strange” day. Those words that I believed the Lord spoke to me came to me at 1 AM that morning.

On Sunday morning I felt like not going to church. I felt “tore-up”. I did not want to go to church. That was not my reason why I did not want to go. This is what I wrote in my journal. I don’t want to go to church, but (I) did. [But I believe that] God convinced me [to go and to]…Show support… [I believed that God spoke those words to me…and that He told me that] I was strong.

I have other words to what I believe that the Lord spoke to me. I don’t want to share them. On that Sunday church it was “strange”. My notes on that service: ..”felt a different flavor –taste.” Special note—I remembered that prayer on November 3rd. I believe that God wanted me to go to church. [I continued to pray….]

During the next few days what I have been experiencing became clearer from that dream that I had on the November 4th… I continued to pray for PES along with Pastor Brian Z and another associate Pastor David W. In my spirit something was leading me to pray for them. So I did every day since that dream. I prayed for them with a sincere heart.

Back in the days… I was taking some classes that PBZ and PDW were teaching. That’s how I may have sense to pray for them. On November 8th I went to my classes. I had a powerful sense upon me to pray for those pastors… I recall after I got home that night I got on my knees and prayed for Pastor BZ. I sensed something about him. What I prayed was not a sissy prayer.

The next morning about 7:30 AM , I was in prayer. I prayed for the leadership of WOLC. I made a clear and specific prayer for Pastor E and his wife Cami. I looked in my journal notes and the notes are there. After I had prayed… I saw a vision. In that vision I saw Pastor E at his key board. There was a man standing beside him.

After I was done praying. I believed that that a “spirit” spoke to me. I heard these words…” The music ministry at WOLC will change in the next two years.” Many things cross my mind. I thought that that guy standing by Pastor Eric would be added to the music ministry. Pastor Eric would have an assistant. I had a thought ….Would PES be leaving WOLC?

I prayed again for Pastor Eric. However my major concern was for Cami. I ask God to watch over Cami. I did know why I prayed that prayer. Then throughout the day I was not feeling to good. I went to the doctor two days before. I had learned that… what I had was bronchitis. I “coughed up a storm.” all the week before. I even lost my voice. By now this was worst.

On that Wednesday through out that morning, I rested …My mother was watching TBN. About 2 PM she told me at the bottom of the screen that a pastor from WOLC was in an serious accident and they were asking us to pray for him. My mother did not know which pastor. So I waited to see which one.

Finally the name appeared on the screen. My first response was “No, Not Pastor Eric.” How I said this was in an unusual manner. It was strange. I had been praying for Pastor Eric along with the other pastors for five days. Things began to make sense.

Then weird things began to happen to me. As I look back on this “happening”. I can describe this as if I was not shocked or moved by what I heard about Pastor E’s accident. That was weird. I could not pray… I was calm, cool and collective. I had no worry about what happened to Pastor Eric. It was like I had no human emotions to what I heard or read. It was like I had “no” heart. No concern of Pastor’s condition.

I ask God, What was wrong with me? I walked around for about 5 or 10 minutes and I could not speak a word to pray for Pastor Eric. Then all of a suddenly laughter tried to come upon me and out of me to what happened to Pastor Eric. I said “NOOO”!.. “That’s not right”. I knew that I had to get somewhere to pray.

I went to my room that I called my “war room” and I asked God for forgiveness. I can not recall all that I prayed for Pastor Eric…but I know it was “not all of me” praying for Pastor Eric and Cami. I prayed like I have never prayed before in my life. Words came out of mouth like I knew that I knew that I knew that Pastor Eric will LIVE and not die.

I walked away from what I spoke to God believing what I had prayed… Pastor Eric was already healed and back at what he was called to do… leading us at WOLC into praise and worship. Throughout that day I continued to pray for PES. I had some more “things”… that happened to me. Still I was not feeling too good.

I would lay down and continue to rest. As I did this I would hear Pastor E’s voice singing. His voice kept coming into my thinking. As I would hear him singing, I would pray for Pastor Eric. I think I prayed most of the day from after 2: 10 PM…It was strange. I was worried more about Eric than myself. At that time I did not know how serious Pastor E’s condition was…

I finally found out that Pastor ES’s main vessel to his heart was severed [(?) if correct word —main vessel was disconnected from his heart.] The ZOE life of God was spoken upon the life of Pastor Eric during this whole time …. According to the medical profession, Pastor Eric should have died. But we know that GOD stepped in…. Some of you heard Pastor E’s testimony and some of you don’t have a clue to what I am talking about.

Cami and Pastor E were told by the doctors that Pastor Eric would not be able to do some things. …walking and singing were two of those things. Pastor E. is a LIVING testimony of the GOODNESS of GOD. Pastor Eric is a walking “died man”. This November 9th will be the 13th Anniversary … of God’s divine intervention.

I got to witness some of Pastor E’s restoration as I went to my classes and to church week after week. I heard the good reports of his recovery. As I look back over this progress of PES recovery, my mind had to adjust to what I saw.

There was a time when Pastor E was giving his testimony in church…I just wanted to hear what he had to say. At one point all of a sudden I was about to weep. If Pastor E would have gone on talking I think that I would have cried. It was an uncontrollable type weeping. I did this when I tried to read that letter on November 3rd.

As I look back on this, I believed that my spirit man knew that Pastor E was already healed that morning of that accident. I could not understand it. My reaction about the accident brought NO FEAR upon me. I could not understand that. But one day there time I saw Pastor Eric walking on his walker in church. As he was coming my way, I looked at him and said to God “Let him RUN! [About two week before I heard in my spirit that I believed was from God that Pastor E will run.]

I can not recall the day when PES came back to lead us in praise and worship. I heard when he came to a Sunday church service after the accident… I did not get to come to that service. Back then I went to the first service. Pastor E came in the second… I heard that there were… a lot a tears flowing during that service… he was on the platform.

Pastor ES continue to lead us praise and worship at WOLC. By the way I was there that day when Pastor E made his victory RUN at WOLC. What JOY was in the house that day. We all gave thanks to God. God has blessed us with Pastor E and Cami.

Yeah, Pastor Eric continues to lead us at WOLC in praise and worship. He even has an assistant, Chris G. Both of our music ministers write and sing songs. Some of their songs we sing at WOLC. The music is great! It’s alive and well! http://www.wolc.com

About two years and three months after Pastor E’s accident, I joined the worship team. I was in special choir…. early in 1996 and later I joined the regular choir in April of that year. I was there for 5 years, 9 months and 11 days –December 2, 2001. I came back to our WOLC’s 25th Anniversary Choir last November ’06. I had a blast. That was the first time I have been back singing with the choir in about 5 years.

Update: February 4, 2008
In 2007, I later came back for on a Sunday morning for Faith Life Weekend to sing “By A Little Help From My Friends.” That was my last time in choir.

On February 3, 2008…
Chris G. who was assist to Pastor Eric moved on to be senior worship leader in MN.

I wanted to share this testimony with you. What I have learned through this and other experiences in life… is to pay attention to my dreams, visions and my thought life. I tend to pray for those who are in my dreams, visions and those on my mind at times. I have been doing this since my early disciplining years.

I sense that if we pay attention to who’s in our dreams, our visions that are from God and what people…. come into our thoughts, we can learn to pray for them. By doing this we will never know what they might be going on in other peoples’ lives. Prayer can do a lot for others. It can saved a person’s life… Pastor Eric is a LIVING testimony of what the GOODNESS of GOD will do. We have to seek God for His intervention. Amen.

It’s The Dawning Of A New Day! ~Susie~
“As the word dwells within us, we come to understand the will of God.” Max Anders


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