Gearing Up For The Week: New Month

Happy Day to you! It was a wonderful start for the week on Sunday. I woke up feeling great! It was 46 degrees during the 6 AM hour. It got up in the 50’s. The heat wave is gone. It will be back.

I made it the gathering at church. I had a great time greeting some of the people before and in between services. I saw more new people and children. Some of the infants looked too small to be walking.

It was baby dedication Sunday. Oh, how nice it is to see babies being dedicated unto the Lord. Bring up a child in the way that he or she should go… Praying that the parents of those who were dedicated unto the Lord will not depart from the house of the Lord. Lord save the children.

I saw some people; I have seen in a while. I think that the warm weather has drawn them back into the Father’s house. I hope Spring arrive early.

The message was good. The title and main point of the sermon was “Our Sacred Text.” Which is the Bible. The scriptures leads us to Jesus. The Bible doesn’t save us. Jesus saves us.

I had a great afternoon. I did some work. Then relaxed before the Pro Bowl came on. But I decided not to watch the game. I was in my journaling mode. I didn’t want to stop.

I’m looking forward for the rest of the week. One month will end while another one is birthing forth. It’s been a good January. The weather was up and down. In all, things came out alright.

Hope that you are doing well. If not, believe that things will get better. Hang in there. Keep the faith. Believing in Jesus.

I’m learning not to focus on the things that trouble me. I’m thinking on good things. Well every now and then my mind wonders. I need to keep my mind on Jesus.

May we gear up for what’s to come. May we take each day as they come. May we not grow weary in doing good. Amen.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Gearing Up For The Week: New Month

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good Morning, Susan I started my day by reading Job—made me think of my miniscule problems as compared to his. lol Then I read John 15 in the AKJV. I love that chapter–actually 13—17 are among my favorites in all scripture. John 17 is Jesus praying. He has two prayer requests. One that Believers would love each other and be united. (One) I have concluded that me 500 to 600 different denominations (read that number somewhere) do not feel obligated to help Jesus with the answer. lol

    I love baby dedications. Parents make a very big promise to God. Jesus made is clear–God loves babies and children. There is a scene when Jehoshaphat is praying to God about a very serious threat to the kingdom and it says that wives and children were there with the men when the king asked God for help. No way God was not going to answer that prayer. Actually, in the O.T. God says to treat widows, orphans, and immigrants very well. More of God’s heart.

    Anyway, Susan Have a great new week. My dear wife with 58 ideas wants me to keep my hair cut appointment. lol Poor stylist. She might get to see my surgery site. lol



  2. Susan says:

    Thanks for sharing Frank! We have to keep in touch with God’s Word….. We can’t live without Him. Hope all is coming along with you. Take care.

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