The Snow Storm

Well, the storm made it here. It snowed up a storm yesterday. It started coming on Monday night or so.

We had a snow day on Tuesday and Wednesday. We’re still digging out. I think we got about 10 inches or so. I’m not including the snow drifts. Snow is everywhere. It’s piled up like little mountains.

I think the last big snow storm was a few years ago. This Winter has been something. The cold spells and now the snow spells. As long as we’re not in a spell, we’ll make it through the Winter.

I did adventure out yesterday with my brother. It was slick. There were people out shopping. The milk section was about empty.

The schools have been closed since Tuesday. There was no school today or tomorrow. It’s been an weird week. I think we’ll make it.

I don’t know why, but every snow day and holidays feel like a Saturday to me. I like Saturdays. The snow and holidays make the day different.

As for the snow days, each snow fall is different. We should appreciate God’s creation. We should look at creation in a new way.

May we be aware of what surrounds us. May we endure to the end. May we make the most of what we go through. Amen.

Thanks for reading.
Hope all is well with you.


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Follower of Jesus Christ, Worshiper, Caregiver, Love Searching Family History, Lupus Warrior: On Twitter , Facebook ~ Journal on Xanga under the username of Journaling_Susan
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2 Responses to The Snow Storm

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Hi Susan, I sure remember Snow Days. I also remember street cleaning days and if you forgot you got a hefty ticket. Bummer.

    Stay safe and warm.


    • Susan says:

      Hello, Frank!

      Snow Days are still alive and well in the MidWest. Staying Safe and WARM. Things are getting back on track. Just about everywhere there are piles of snow. They look like mini mountains. The sign of a heavy snow fall. Spring is coming.

      Have A Wonderful Weekend,

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