Sex And Marriage

Notes From Tuesday, 14 October 2008
Sex And Marriage

This month is about half over in two days. Hope all is well with you. I am doing much better. Grace to you. Take Care.

This blog came to me on July 19, 2008. I thought to address my views on these subjects. Where do I stand on the issue of Sex and Marriage?

At the present time, I am a single woman. I have never been married. I’ve never been through child labor. But, I feel like I have some children. For the record: I’m not a lesbian nor a man hater.

I believe it is not late for me to get married. But having children at my age would be a miracle. May I add, I ought be married if I have a child.

On The Issue Of Sex:
I heard this phrase: SAFE SEX. The only safe sex that I can say is “NO SEX” at all. I am a single woman. I don’t have a license to have sex. I am in covenant with the living God. My body is the temple of God.

I haven’t made a commitment or said my vows with my future husband in front of an ordain minister of God. That’s call a holy covenant marriage between one man who is a male and his female wife who is a woman.

Once I am married than I have a license to have sex with my only alive husband in whom I have covenant with. And the two of us shall become one. We will be bonded together for life.

As a singled woman, the key to my sex life is guarded with high honor. I allow NO one to enter into my garden. My body is not mine.

Since I called upon Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, my body belong to Him. What I do with my body concerns Jesus. The word of God says, Do Not Fornicate. That’s sex outside of a holy covenant marriage.

In Summary:
Since I am not married –I am a single woman to me this means there is SEX NOT allowed. I would be breaking the law of God. I would be sinning…

About Marriage:
Some of my thoughts on this subject: Being married takes a lot of WORK. I’ve heard so much about marriage. Being married is a commitment and a relationship with your spouse.

This relationship has be worked out and cultivated on a regular basis. There is the spending time with your spouse and so forth in becoming ONE. God made woman for the man, man for the woman.

I have been to church gathering that spoke on the subject of marriage. As a single person, I saw those gatherings as preparation for those who may get married someday. Well, my someday has not arrived or the fullest of time.

One day I said to God, all I hear about relationships are on marriage. What about being singled? I believed I heard in my spirit was to listen and take notes on a radio program.

On this program it was a verse by verse Bible Study on the Book of Songs of Solomon. There was only 2 thirty minutes segments on being singled. But I have a lot of information about marriage. I have an idea on what not to do as a singled woman.

In the mean time, I have no possible candidate for marriage. I believe that there is some guy out there for me. God has him picked out for me. Who ever he is. For now, I got my mind on Jesus. (I have a pre-arrange marriage.)

I say that I am spoken for. When that special someone comes into my life, Lord help me! May the grace of God be with me. And I ask You, LORD, He is the one LORD?

Father God, May those who are singled be kept pure and devoted to the Lord. May those who are married by faithful and devoted to their spouse. May we learn to be who we are suppose to be either married or singled in Jesus’ name Amen.

I will worship toward Your holy temple, And praise Your name. NKJV Psalm 138:2

The wise woman builds her house,
But the foolish pulls it down with her hands. NKJV Proverbs 14:1

Sex And Marriage…

NO Sex for the single; those never married, divorced or widowed.
The Gift of Holy Covenant Marriage has the blessings and anointing of God.
May we singles have the anointing to be single. And for those singles who desire to be blessed with the anointing to be married…let it be in the fullness of time.

Blessings to all.
Take Care.


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2 Responses to Sex And Marriage

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good Morning. I could not help but to rush to this site with a title like that! lol

    Sex and Marriage in this culture is probably similar to the handling of it through out the centuries by fallen men and women. Some of the O.T.. stories are astonishing. If an israeli soldier sees a gal in a city they are destroying, he can grab her and take her home. Her hair was shaved and she was given new clothes. She was given 30 days to grieve and then they were married. What was that like?

    It seemed in the O.T. that guys could have more than one wife and concubines, but they could not have their neighbor’s wife.

    The O.T. was messy. Then Jesus comes along and ups the ante—-Divorce is only allowed by heaven when a spouse commits adultery. However, the grace of God is seen when evil men throw down a gal they claimed committed adultery and wanted her killed. Jesus spared her life and sent her way saying, ‘Now you act nice from now on.’ Then the woman at the well–more grace.

    My single daughter has given up–she is 55. She found too many guys who were abusive and church guys that wanted pre-marital sex.

    Your standards are high, noble and Biblical. In 100 years, all of this unfairness will be gone and we won’t give a hang about it..

    My wife and I married virgins. I do not feel cheated in life.


    • Susan says:

      Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts Frank.

      Sex and Marriage are sacred they go together. Singles don’t have license to have sex for they aren’t married. As for the married ; having sex only to one alive spouse allowed. Frank, you and your wife are blessed. 58 years with the same woman speak in itself… Peace to you daughter. May she keep her eyes fixed on the LORD.

      Grace to you,

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