Thinking About Spring Cleaning

Reflections: On Cleansing the Temple
Notes from Wednesday, 13 February 2008

•Reflections: On Cleansing the Temple
I am back from my Selah:
Cleansing the Temple according to Luke 19:45-48
I had been using my imagination and trying to picture how Jesus could have entered into the Temple. How He drove out the people who were selling and buying things in the house of God. How Jesus corrected those who where there about what the house of God was to be used for.

I pictured the house of God as a place of prayer and worship, not a place of den of thieves. I imaged Jesus teaching daily in the Temple. There were many different people there coming to Jesus for many reasons. According to Matthew’s account in Matthew 21:12-17 was the only Gospel account that mention some children there who were giving praising to God.

There were some people of the religious law and leading priests who did not like what Jesus was doing. Some were plotting to kill Him. But they could not do nothing. Because the people hung on every word of Jesus and were listening to Him speak.
Some of my thoughts: On my journey of transformation
Yesterday, from my reading from Mark’s account in Mark 11:15-17 on the Cleansing of the Temple, I had thoughts come to me about my body as the temple of God. My body is God’s property. Its God’s business.

I have been taking more consideration of taking care of my temple. I have been changing my eating habits and moving around more. In other words: I am walking and EXCERCISING.

I received a few comments yesterday about our homes being the temple of God. I see that as well. Yes, it is a reminder the we should be cleaning up our houses from time to time. The things that we posses and bring into our lives reflects our stewardship of what God has blessed us with.

I have been thinking about my home as the temple of God. There are things that need to be cleaned out. I had these thoughts come to me.
What if Jesus came into my home and started looking around?
He is not saying anything but only looking to see what I have. Then He starts going into each room and to see what I had in them. He looks into every single drawer in the house, bends down to look under each bed.

Then He goes into the closets to see what the wardrobe looks like, He notices what necessaries that I have, He looks at other things that is there.

He comes into the kitchen to see what’s in our ice box, He looks to see what we buy to eat. He looks under the kitchen sink, Then to our bathroom cabinets, Looks in the shower, Takes a walk down into our basement to explore what down there.

Turns on my computer, Checks what websites I look at, Read my all my e-mails, He looks at my favorite sites, He looks into my purses, Sees what’s in my checkbook, reads my bank statements, Sees where my money is going,

Reads my private journals, Look at the titles of what books that I read, He glances through the magazines in the house, He looks at what I keep in storage, What pictures are on the walls, He is seeing what on the floors, or whatever He wanted to look at.

What would Jesus want to drive out of my house? What would He have to say to me? That is a scary thought. But God knows ALL my business. May I hear what the LORD has to say to me.
From my Book of Thanks and Blessings.
Our Father in Heaven, Help me and others to clean our homes. Teach us to manage what we have as a blessing from You. Our homes should be a place where You dwell. Make Yourself at home in our homes.

May You grant us wisdom to buy what is necessary for our lives. Teach us to value what we have and not to neglect them. May You give us discernment to let things go that we are not using.

I thank You for all what we have and things that can be a blessing to some one else. I thank You for the LOVE that You so freely give us . I thank You for the Door of HOPE that we can have PROVISION from You.

I thank You for the STRENGTH that You give to us to clean our homes. I thank You for FAITH to believe that we can do what is necessary in our lives. I give You all glory and honor due to You name. I pray in Jesus’ name Amen.

What’s Scripture reading is Ahead on the 40 Meditations on the Holy Week? Anointed for Burial according to Matthew 26:6-13


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