The Weather And Last Full Weekend Of February 2014

I hope everybody has a good week. If not, may the Lord bring comfort to your souls. Be thankful that God brough you this far. Just think, the week is about over. = )

I’m thankful that I made it this far. At the beginning, I had a heavy burden on me. It got lighter and lighter as the days passed by. God is good! Thank You, LORD for being there with us.

The Weather:
It’s been a weird week in the weather. It was cold. Then it got warm and cold again. Yesterday morning it was thundering. Yes, in the Mid West in the Winter time. The rain was heavy. The wind was blowing. How weird!

By the afternoon was over, we had more rain, with sleet and snow. It looked like a blizzard. There was no ice Thank God! And the snow didn’t last long.

The Last Weekend Of February:I’m looking forward to the weekend. I always do. I can lose track of what day is what. I did this week. This week went by fast for me. 🙂

I’m thankful that God is always with us on our journey. No matter what we go through, God us with us. He sees us and cares for us in whatever concerns we have.

God cares so much for each of us. He cares about our week and what worries us. So don’t forget when your going through something, stop and think; the LORD is with there. Keep the faith in God.

May we enter into the rest of God.
May we believe that God is with us.
May we keep our faith and trust in the LORD!

Thanks for reading,


We’re a month away for Spring!
Spring is Coming!
It’s will in the 50’s today.
It was cold yesterday.


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One Response to The Weather And Last Full Weekend Of February 2014

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    We need some weird weather in Central and Southern California. Pleas ask God to send us some lousy weather.

    I was thinking this morning about my real inner life and how I present myself to my wife and family–except for my single daughter. I started asking God to help me with ‘dark’ emotions this morning.



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