The Signs Of Spring

Yes, Spring is in the air. I’ve been looking more at nature. What am I looking at? God’s creation…and how seasons are changing and the land is coming back to life…

Since last Monday, I’ve been seeing robins. Sunday before church, I saw one outside eating breakfast. Also, I’ve been noticing that the grass is becoming more and more greener.

We have the reminder that Winter is still alive. We have some small patches of snow in areas. The warm spell nor the rain didn’t melt all the snow away.

I can’t help but look that the trees and brushes. Yes, there are buds on them. They are waiting for the warm weather to come. And so are a lot of other people. LOL.

I don’t know why we say; what we say about the Winter weather. Winter is’nt my favorite season of the year. My favorite seasons of the year are the ones that are not too hot and not too cold. So that’s will be during mid to Late Spring and Early Fall time. LOL But you know, this Winter it was in the 60’s at times. That’s rare.

The Winter of my disconet is about over. I’ll have to get use to not laying down. I will adjust to the changes. My memories of Winter 20 14 will be a memory.

I hope that whatever weather you’re enduring, will change for the best. Or maybe you have nice weather. Praise God! If you’re in a drought, may the Lord send you rain. If you’re in weird weather, may the Lord guide you through.

May the Lord see all of us through the seasons that we are in and go through. Amen.

Thanks for reading.


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5 Responses to The Signs Of Spring

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I am looking forward to summer. I feel Hawaii in my veins. Actually, Californian needs lots of God’s bad weather. We are a dry stated.

    I need to see the weather change so I can change. I am a fair weather Christian/


    • Susan says:

      You skipped a season. SUMMER! Californian need God’s mercy and grace. May showers of Rain come your way. I think that weather is taking turns in areas of the country. We had dry Summer two years ago. The year before that a lot of snow. I’m looking forward to Spring; Life returns to nature.

  2. chmjr2 says:

    Way too cold and too much snow here to see any signs of spring. A new 6 inches of snow last night (have way too much already) and a warm 11 degrees F this morning. Please send some of that 60 degree heat up north.

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