February Findings On Family History

It’s been a long month. I’m thankful that Jesus was with us on the journey. Now the month comes to a close. It’s been a journey.

I had a wonderful February searching my family history! Yes, I’m still on the journey. And the journey will continue as long as I can keep going. Thank You, LORD!

I’ve been searching and finding some new things on my family history. I was amazed! I kept searching and searching. And what I’ve been noticing, I would start on one person and ended up searching another person. And the more I searched, the more I stumbled across info on other relatives.

I’ve been recording my discoveries as I’m finding them. I have a small calendar and a big one. I jot down info…I’ve been coming across records and obituaries from time to time.

That’s odd. I stumble across names from obituaries. But at times I can’t make all the connections that I need. But, I’m thankful that I can add names to the family tree.

As I look back at this month, in all, it’s been a WONDERFUL February. My goal was to search and record as much as I could on my family history. I’m surprised by what I have come across.

I hope that your February went okay. Now, that the month is about over, may we enter into the Month of March with gladness. May we leave out February follies behind us. Amen.

Spring is coming! Thank You, Jesus!
I’m ready for warmer weather. I’m geared up.

May we enjoy what we enjoy doing.
May we see the good in going through.
May the joy of the LORD be our strength

Thanks for reading.


About Susan

Follower of Jesus Christ, Worshiper, Caregiver, Love Searching Family History, Lupus Warrior: On Twitter , Facebook ~ Journal on Xanga under the username of Journaling_Susan
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2 Responses to February Findings On Family History

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    February was cancer fighting month for me.

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