In The Last Week of Winter: Before Spring

Was Winter on Spring Break this week? I think so! Because, Spring was in the air for three days this week. The warmer weather was very nice. The signs of Spring is coming. 🙂

I did enjoy the beauty of the warm air. I Like it when it warms up. Who wouldn’t? It’s nice that we got to go outside. It makes me forget that we’re still in Winter.

I keep saying “Spring is coming!” Still, the weather has been changing and changing. It will keep on changing. In the long run, Spring will arrive. Winter will have to move on. LOL

We have had a long hard Winter. Soon, it will be history. And we’re headed for the other side of Winter. We’ll get there. Spring is coming!

Just think of it, yesterday, we had a thunderstorm. The rain, wind and lighting and loud thundering felt like it was Springtime. It was in the upper 60’s on Monday. Winter came back with a thunderstorm. The rain and the warm air didn’t melt all the snow.

I’m really looking forward to Spring. It’s the season of Lent. The land is coming back to life again. We can get out of the house more and enjoy the great outdoors.

I’m not much of an outdoor person. I’m out as long as I can stand it. I don’t like the bugs. Who does? lol

Hope all us well.
Stay on the journey.
Peace of Christ be with you.

May we endure to the end of what we long to see come to past. May the Lord help us enjoy the journey. May we believe for the best is yet to come. Amen.

Enjoy the transition from Winter to Spring.

Thanks for reading.


About Susan

Follower of Jesus Christ, Worshiper, Caregiver, Love Searching Family History, Lupus Warrior: On Twitter , Facebook ~ Journal on Xanga under the username of Journaling_Susan
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2 Responses to In The Last Week of Winter: Before Spring

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I am looking towards summer and very disappointed in our winter. We really need a lot of rain–I am reminding God every morning. I am asking He extend mercy to our wicked state. Loved your post. I can see why you love Spring. We lived 10 years in Michigan and remember the winters well.



    • Susan says:

      Summer will come Frank. Spring comes first. I hope CA gets more rain. This Winter was weird every where. Enjoy the Last weekend of Winter Before Spring. Summer will be here before we know it. Peace. Susan

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