Questions: About Jesus

We’re into the Lenten Season. I was looking over some of my notes. Here’s one I thought to repost. I wrote the day before St. Patrick’s Day 2007.

we are all created in the image of God.
May we see each other as created in the image of God.
May we realize that humanity is one family.
May the Lord restore humanity to His own.

Thank for reading.

Notes from Friday, 16 March 2007
Response To A Question In Connect Group

During our first gathering in our Unvarnished Jesus …Come With Us connect group… we were in Conversation #1 in the part… From My Experience Section: Question 1.) As you were growing up or first contemplating Jesus, what did He look like in your mind’s eye? ( for example: stature, ethnicity, features)

As one of the leaders in our group give her answer…there was a pause …..That’s when I SPOKE UP and said something that she did not say about “JESUS” when I was growing up…I saw Him as a “white man.” In every single movie, photograph or whatever there was of “this image of Jesus”, He had long brownish looking hair who happened to be white that at times appeared to be frail. To break it down for you, Jesus was a white man.

Then someone [not white nor black] spoke a question somewhat similar to this one….How did you feel when you were growing up seeing “Jesus” not your color?

I answered her question the best why that I could. But since then, I have been thinking about HOW did I see Jesus as I was growing up? Where did I get the picture of what He looked like?

I did not go to church nor was “raised in church.” What I found out about Jesus’ “so to speak appearance” was through my Baptist parents..who were saved and from my siblings who spoke about “the Jesus” they knew from what they learned in church or from the Bible.

The only early influence that I had to what “Jesus’ “image” looked like was through TV and pictures that I assumed was of Christ. In some cases family members said that Jesus was not white. In regards to what the Bible speaks of Jesus’ hair of “wool.”

I did not see Jesus as a “Baptist” nor of any other “label” to the background of any church links. I did not even see Him as an American. The Jesus I saw was a teacher who had followers. He was a man who others said was the Son of God. I thought that was interesting. Being a child of God.

As for Jesus’ appearance, He was always in a robe of some kind, so I thought that He was from another country… way back in time. As for His color, I did not questioned it. It did not bother me. Our parents taught… me to respect people of all races. I don’t recall ever questioning… why I am the color that I am.

During my early school years, I always thought that I was special. I was the only black in most of my elementary years. I stood out and I thought that made me special. I recall the first time when a person’s “color” was address to me.

I was in my second grade classroom. We were about to draw a picture. It was of our mothers for Mother’s Day. The teacher told the other students to take out their pink crayon but for me to take out my brown crayon. I did not know why. I just wanted to color.

I went to school were the majority of the teachers and students were white. There were a not many minorities when I first started. Most of us were related. So I grow up in a “White” world “so to speak.” Even the dolls we played with were white. We ate white bread. But we had black and white TV. We got “color” around the late 60’s to early 70’s.

Jesus stood out to me as I saw His character displayed on the TV screen. At one time during Easter week, during the late 70’s or early 80’s there was a moment when the “Jesus character” looked into the screen into the TV audience [with his baby blue eyes] and said “I will be with you even till the end of the world.”

Something happened to me when “the actor” said that.. I actually believe what he said as I heard it. I remember where I was when I heard this. I was in the basement of our house. It was then when I wanted to learn more about this Man “Jesus”.

I have been discovering more about Jesus in the last 4928 days. Jesus made Himself known to me one night while I was at Word of Life Church. What an encounter that was. That was 13.5 years ago when I started to come to church on a regular basis.

I met Jesus in church and I surrendered my life to Him there. Before that time I just talk to God. Now since then I am in a relationship with Him every single day. It’s a two way conversation. I am one of His beloved daughter.

As I am on this journey of life and discovering Jesus, I am wanting to learn more about Him. Who He is…Being around other believers can and will help me learn more discoveries about our Lord and Savior, the Son of the living God.
A Few Thoughts About Connect Group…
I have not been to a home Bible study group in a while. I tend not to want to go. I can give you some reasons. You don’t need to know them. I don’t what people to feel sorry for me. I am doing the best that I can, with what I am able to hear…

In all as I am reading this study on the Unvarnished Jesus I am learning a lot. I believe that I will learn more and receive some new insights on the unvarnished Jesus as the weeks a months go by… The journey continues….

In our group’s next Conversation # 2 is entitled Portraits of the Unvarnished Jesus –The Temptation. My plans are to show up on Monday Night. I got “the artist picture of Jesus” when I was growing up. I am looking for others of our time. The updated version.

I am reading what the Bible says about Jesus. He’s mother was a Jew and His Father is God. I believe what the Bible says about Jesus. He’s Jewish and He is the Son of the living God. He is God.

I am reminded about appearance in 1 Samuel 16:7. “But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

Lord God, teach us to look at the spirit of others and not so much on what they look like. I know that we should look our best. Our appearances should not be for a fashion show or glamor statements but for being representatives for You. Teach us to use what we are blessed with.

Help us not to “be sizes up” in such a way to that we judge how others “look or how they may be in appearance”, or in what’s known of their “background”, their “education” or what they “do for a living.”

Help us to see others as a “human being” not to be so “attach” to what they do, what they have or don’t have. Teach us to respect and honor one another for who we are in You and are becoming in You.

Lead us to see other peoples’ spirit and to see what they can become. I pray that we can see You in other people Lord. Some people can look like a millon bucks. Some can look like poor beggars. It’s the spirit of a person that’s important.

NO matter how we look or who others see or not see in us LORD, the word say that You are looking at each of our hearts. Help us to do the same as we are seeing one another. I thank You Jesus for You are our beautiful Savior. In Your name I pray. Amen.
Dawning of A New Day… The Journey Continues…




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