The Blessings Of God

Happy 34th Day of Lent! It’s New Year’s Eve for me. I’ve been doing my last doing for this old year. My new year begins at 9:48 AM cst on April the 8th. I’m thankful for the gift of life.

I’m turning another page. I’m finishing up chapter 50. I’ll be working on chapter 51. It is like, I’m starting over again. I’ll be over a half century in years. But, I’m young at heart. Age is a blessing from God.

Somehow in life, we seem to think the higher the number makes us (or things) old. The number is the blessings that God gives… I’m thankful for the years that God has given and will continue to give to me.

As I’ve been searching my family history, there have been many relatives who didn’t live to age 50. I have out lived my father’s parents. One passed away about age 42 and the other at 47. They pass away way too young.

I’m ending April 7th, I’ll end on a good note. I’m looking forward to my new year. As for the number, I don’t think that I am old. How old is old? 120+.

Hope all is well with you. No matter your age, you’re not as old as you think. Remember: Life is a journey. Life is like art. Life should be live. Wear you’re age the best way you know how.

May we wear our age that we are blessed with for the glory of God. May we live life. May we see God’s goodness. May the Lord bless us with good years. May we always be looking at Jesus. May we be thankful to God for the gift of life we have. Amen.

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2 Responses to The Blessings Of God

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Happy Birthday in advance, Susan.

    My wife hates getting old. I loved turning 80. The Bible says some place that we will live 70 years, but if we have extra strength to 80!! I love that.

    You are young. Make big plans. I am shocked to be 80—all thought that I would be dead by now. They say they are not disappointed. lol


    • Susan says:

      Thanks Frank for your early Birthday greetings. You have a happy heart and extra strength to keep going. Yes, I’m in my youth. Thanks for your wisdom. You should be blessed that you’re going to be 80. My mother was 20 days shy of your 80th. ( God knows the years of our lives.) Be blessed for you are a blessings. God isn’t done with you yet. Keep believing. Blessings, Susan

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