Effected By What People Say…?

Happy 23rd Day in Easter!

Notes from Tuesday, 03 November 2009

Effected By What People Say…?
What we say and do can affect others. But how much we take in depends on things are received. We need to guard our hearts in what we take in.

We have to learn to shake off the intents of others. We don’t know how much good or damage we can do when we say things to one another. We need God’s help when misunderstand things.

We can say some of the silly things. It could bring on offenses. There are times we just blurt out stuff without thinking about what we say. We have to do things out of the love of God in us.

Yes, there are some things we do that we don’t mean to do. I know that I have had my shares. I have offended people. It appears to have done some things that draws others away. I can sense it.

There are some friends in the church haven’t spoken to me in along while. We see each other in church but its at a distant. That’s sad.

I’ve tried to make amend. But things seems to draw us farther apart. I left it alone with God. I continue to pray for direction and about this matter.

May we see that what we do or not do will have some kind of effect on others. May we not go over board in saying things about people. May the grace and mercy of God be upon us when we affect other’s lives.

While On My Journey :
Effected By What People Say…?

I see that it can in a good and negative way.
May we watch how we speak to one another.

Peace to you,

Thanks for reading.


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