Thoughts On Life’s Issues

Happy 24th Day in Easter!

Notes From Sunday, 04 May 2008

Thoughts: On Life’s Issues:
This is a repost on Some Of My Thoughts:
On LIFE’s Issues…

The following was posted on May 1st blog (2008). I was thinking about some things. I think that it is good to ponder questions to myself. Since this I posted this, I have added some changes. I have been rethinking.

I am growing in these matters. God is with me.
Thank You, Jesus.

(There are some things that I am aware of that
I say, do and /or write.
I try to do and say things from my heart.
I mean no harm and don’t intend to offend anyone.

Is what I’m doing worth doing?
Is what I’m saying worth saying?
Is what I’m writing worth writing?

Am I over stepping my boundaries in some areas?
Am I going over board?
Am I offending others without knowing it ?

Am I saying too much that I should not be sharing?
Am I doing too much that I should hold back on?
Am I writing too much to where I should keep private?

May the LORD guide my steps when I step out in faith to share some things. May I have the heart to do for others without feeling that it’s wrong.

May what I do, be worthy and pleasing unto the LORD. May I learn more as I experience life. May I know my boundaries in the sphere that I live in.)

Here is a comment that I made.
I added some more since them.

God is so good to bring what I need in my life. I thank God for His correction. I thank God He loves me.

I can see that by not saying anything at times can make a difference. I am learning hold back on some things. It is good to keep my mouth shout at times.

I am learning to give “things” to the LORD. I am learning to keep on keeping on. I am learning to walk away from some “things that don’t matter.”

I am learning not to do some things that I use to. I am learning not to go over my limits. I am learning to not to meddle.

I am learning to back away. I am learning to live in the sphere that I am in. I am learning not cross over the boundaries where it seems to me that I am not welcomed or appreciated.

I am learning to live my life. I am learning to trust in the Lord. I am learning as I am going about my days.
Heavenly Father,
I thank You that You are in control of my life. I thank You so much that You correct me when I am wrong. I thank You that You are making my conscience more tender.

I thank You, Father that I can learn for the experiences that I go through. I thank You that You are my God. I thank You for forgiving me when I make poor judgements.

I thank You, Father God for allowing me to see myself. I thank You that You give me the strength to continue on. I thank You, God that I can doubt what I do, but what I think I should not take too seriously.

I thank You, Lord God that You bring people to encourage me into my life. I thank You that You allow me to make mistakes. I thank You that You lift me back up when I am down. I thank You in Jesus’ name. Amen.
May I learn to give myself the benefit of the doubt. May I lighten up in what I attempt in what I do, say or write. May God have mercy on me in His saving grace.


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