Happy Ascension Day

Happy 40th Day in the Easter Season!
Happy Ascension Day 2014!

Hope all are enjoying the season.
We have 10 more days to go.
Thanks for reading.

Here’s a through back blog.
Notes on Thursday, 17 May 2012
Ascension DayI was thinking about the Ascension. I was wondering how others thought when Jesus went up in the air and went to be with the Father in heaven. That would have been a sight to see.

I never saw any one ascended into the air without any technical device. Jesus did it without any power from earth. He must have had a lot of power.

I can’t comprehend things. How can a person be lifted off the ground with out having some kind of source to fly. There has to be some kind of trick.

I do believe that Jesus did ascend into the heavens. I can only assume what that moment was like. I don’t think that there were anything out of the ordinary that come from it.

I mean, no smoke came when Jesus went up in the air. I think I was just as He was lifted in the air. I don’t think that there was any wind or things what we would think about.

We all have our imagination. We can think what we think. The ascension was an amazing thing to witness. For those who had the honor to see… it must have been another wonder they saw…besides Jesus coming back from the grave.

May we remember that the LORD is seated at the right hand of the Father.
May we remember that Jesus is ruling the nations.
May we continue to believe that Jesus will return to earth.

Thanks for reading.
Keep Believing.
Stay On The Journey,


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