Early Morning View Sunrise

Happy 44th Day of Easter
We’re in the final week of the Easter Season 2014. I thought to share an old blog. Back in the days I was a sky watcher. I loved looking at the clouds. Here’s a good one.

May we always learn to view God’s creation. May God allow us to see His creation in new ways. May we rejoice in the revelation that God gives us. Amen.

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Notes from Sunday, 08 April 2007
Early Morning’s View—Sunrise Surprise
I thought to repost this entry dated January 28, 2007
There is one thing that I like doing when the timing is right. I love to look at clouds especially after a rainy day, a stormy day or any day that there are clouds. Back in 1994 there was a season when I would wake up well before dawn… just to look out the window to see what I could see.

One early morning I got a “Sunrise Surprise”. During the Spring and Summer times of 1994, I encountered many unique clouds. I can describe some of what I saw like photographs in the sky or a motion picture scenes. They looked like real photos or like scenes displayed before my eyes to see. The clouds were in shades of black, grays ,white and the natural colors of the sky.

I will share this amazing cloud story with you. By all means I did not make this one up. It was not a dream. I was wide awake when this happened. I was looking eastward as I normally did as I would lay in my bed to view the sky. It was well before sunrise. I glance around to see what I could see. I don’t recall all what I saw on that “early morning’s view”.

But as the sun was about to rise I saw an amazing story that “Sunrise Surprise”. What I saw would “unfold” as I would watch what happened through the clouds…. The clouds seem to appear to be like on a movie on the “screen” in the sky. I was looking upward….it appeared to be from a hillside view. Then I saw what appear to be three crosses….then I saw figures on all three of the crosses. What I saw in my vision came “clear” to what I was seeing as the clouds changed…

By now I am sitting up looking out the window with my eyes focusing in on the center cross and my mind was making sense of what I was looking at. Then the clouds changed into what appeared to be a side of something… rocky looking surface.

Then while I was overwhelmed by what I saw… the sun rose and what I saw appeared to be like a huge explosion of some kind. It was very bright and illuminated the sky… And then the view I saw vanished. My mind was in amazement to what I saw…What did I just witness?

What revelation flooded my thinking. The sunrise…. and the Son of God rising from the died on Easter morning. I was only looking at clouds and got this revelation like this event “really” did happened. I don’t know what to call “this cloud viewing”. This was my very first sunrise that I had witnessed. And what a great one to have seen. God is so GOOD.

Easter is ten weeks away. I plan to be up…well before sunrise…This Easter is very special for me. The next time Easter will fall on April the 8th… will be in the year 2012.
It’s the first day of the week. Yeah, I got to go to church. I thank God that I am able to go. I hope that you can make it to your home church. If you can not make it to your church… you can watch Word of Life Church at http://www.wolc.com at 9AM CST or 11AM CST on Sundays. I will share one more cloud story tomorrow. [See Jan 29th 2007 post] Till then.. Have A Happy Sunday! God Bless!
A New Day Dawning! ~”Susie”~
Uncompromising firmness in all questions of principle is the secret of a Christian’s strength.– Phillp Vollmer


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