Church Life And Changes

Happy 165th Day of 2014!

Church life is a journey. We should pray for our church leaders and church family. We, the believers in Jesus as Lord and Savior should fellowship, pray for one another and gather together in worship.

When something goes on with the church, there are some changes that come along with what happens to the church. We have to go with the flow of what’s going on within the church. Or we can be thrown a curve. And sometimes can get hit by offences.

I know, we all can’t do what the church wants. We should be led by the Spirit to make chooses. We have to adjust to want is requested out of us. So when things in the church changes, What should we do?

I’ve been apart of the same church community since mid September of 1993. I’ve seen many many changes over the years. And through this year, more changes to come. I’m still a member.

We have had 2 gatherings on Sundays since October of 2002. But on June 1, 2014, for the fun of (as they say), we, as one church gathered in one gathering.(I liked the one gathering and so did others.)

Then, on Pentecost Sunday, we heard the announcement the we’re going to have ONE gathering on Sunday for the time being. I felt that was the deal on June 1st. I was up to tee on what was going on.

I know that there were many who didn’t like the change. I hope people will make the adjustments. It’s hard to do things and then having to rearrange things to do things. I hope everything will work out for people.

As for myself, I see one disadvantage. I’ll miss about 5 minutes of the worship time when I greet before the gather. I can get over that.

There are some benefits that will come out of having one gathering. Our Pastor will preach one time. The volunteers will have to do what they do one time. The cost of running the building will be less.

As for me, I went to both gatherings. Now, I’ll leave later to go to church. Let alone home earlier. Yes, I like that.

May we not be so attach to things in our lives.
May we move with the flow of things.
May the Holy Spirit comfort us when we don’t want to change.

Thanks for reading.
Church Life And Changes
So when things in the church changes, What should we do?
We should flow where the Spirit of God leads us.



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