Last Weekend: Blessed By God

Happy 197th day of 2014!

I survived last weekend. It was a productive one. But, in all that went on, it was worth the weekend. On Friday, I attended a wake. And made my way to Friday night church. That was different.

Then on Saturday, I attended the funeral at 1 PM. It was over about 2:12PM. We made our way to the cemetery about 2:30 PM. While on the way to the cemetery the latter part of the group was cut off from the others.

Yes, someone cut in on the funeral. Not just once but three times. There were about 10 cars trying to keep up… We made it to the cemetery. We discovered that the others went a different route. We met near the cemetery. There were cars on both sides of the streets. It was unbelievable.

By the time we got into the cemetery, there were many cars in the cemetery. My sister dropped me and a couple off. She had to park near the exit of the place. We were at the gravesite for about 10 minutes.

Yes, it was a long walk back. It was hot. I was worn out. I got my walking in. I made it home about 3:20PM. I was heading out to go to a wedding at 4PM. I made it there just in the nick of time.

What a day! The wedding was in the place where I love going to. I didn’t know that the wedding was going to be in there. I was so blessed. It was a small wedding. It was so beautiful. I was glad that I was invited.

I made my way home from the wedding about 5:50 PM. My day was coming to an end. I was worn out. Bless God, I made it through that day. Thank God for strength for the day.

On Sunday, I made to the church gathering. It was nice. I was a bit tired. I greeted the people and so forth. As I said that the beginning of this blog. I survived the weekend. There hasn’t been none like the past weekend.

I don’t think I can do this again. I think, I put too much on myself. The wedding was planned. But, the funeral fell on the same day of the wedding. Death isn’t plan. Funeral come when the do.

Life is so precious. We have to flow with things. We have to change things around. Even when we least expect too.

May the Lord grant us strength when things have to be rearranged in our lives.
May we use wisdom to do what we need to do.
May the joy of the Lord be our strength. Amen.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Last Weekend: Blessed By God

  1. chmjr2 says:

    I hope the next weekend coming up is restful.

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