Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving in Canada! ~ Happy Columbia Day in the US!
It’s the 285th day in 2014.

It’s still baseball fever in Missouri. The Royals are winning in the series. I hope that they will win today. I got a chance to watch the game on Friday night. It was a late game. It was close to mid night ending.

I have regrouped from the weekend. I think I’m watching too much baseball. I thought football was a long game. Man! Baseball is LONG and stressful at times. We don’t know what will come.

I hope that the St. Louis Cardinals will win the series also. It would be nice to see a Missouri World Series again. I remember the last one in 1985. The I 70 World Series.

I hope all is well with you
. It’s cold in Missouri. The leaves are beautiful. The signs of the season are all around us. It’s like November in October. I hope Winter doesn’t come early. It’s been weird weather all year.

May we enjoy life to the fullest. May we enter into the season that we are in. May the Lord surprise us with His goodness and mercy. Amen.

Thanks for reading,

Here’s the score from the Cardinal vs. Giants last night.


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2 Responses to Be Thankful

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I am rooting for the Royals as well even through I am near S.F. I have fariends out there, and they are really excited.

    • Susan says:

      Frank, you should be rooting for the S.F. The Royals need a miracle. They have to step up to the plate…Game 5 they need to win. It’s been a long series. Those late night games. MO has 2 hours ahead of California. Still when the games are played in MO it’s late. 7:07 here.

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