Who Will Win The World Series? The Royals vs. The Giants

It’s the final game of the World Series 2014. Yes, I’m still rooting for the Royals. Game 6 was great! I hope that the Royals will stay on top of things. They are on to something.

It’s been a long journey in making it to the World Series. I don’t know how many games a team has played to get to this point in the series. These last weeks have been interesting.

Who can imagine those ups and downs, those turn around in the games. When the team had them beat. And things turned around. The Royals and The Giants got one more try at it. May the best team win.

I hope that the Royals don’t run out of gas. They have been playing hard ball. Their attitude has to be to win. I hope that they do. I hope that they can do whatever it takes to get things done.

May we look on with gladness of things that we want to see come to an end.
May we learn to seek out those things we long to understand.
May we Lord protect us on the journey.

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