Things Are Coming Along

We’re into daylight saving time. I’m surprised how I have adjusted to the change. The time didn’t enough me as I though it would. I normally would be tired when we gain an hour.

As for the changes: I’ve gotten use to the sunset before 6 PM. I have been going to bed about 10 PM or so. I don’t know why I go to sleep later than normal. I think those late games in the World Series started it.

I normally wake up about the 5 AM hour. I always get up early every morning. I’m a morning person. There is good in the early morning hours. Thank You, Jesus!

I figured out that I need only about 7 hours of sleep. I have tried to stay in bed for 8 or 9 hours. But in the long run, it makes me tired. I have to be real tired or sick on order to be in bed more than 7 hours.

The Autumn leaves have changed and are going through the process of the season. The cold air is making its way here. Indeed, weird weather has been coming and going. It’s been in the 60’s then down to the 20’s; up and down weather. I have been adjusting to that.

I hope that those who are on daylight saving time have adjusted to the time change. But don’t get to comfortable with it. We change the clocks up in March. Lol. I wish we just leave the clocks alone.

May we keep on keeping on in the season at hand.
May we adjust when we need to adjust.
May we continue to do what is right.

Happy Weekend!
Thanks for reading,


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