10 Questiongs What If?

Happy Day!

Hope you’re doing okay! I’m hanging in there. The cold front is here. Snow coming, this weekend. I hope not. We got to gather as the church. Stay Warm! Be a blessings.

May we have the wisdom to get through what we need to.

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Notes from Saturday, 21 July 2007
10 Questions: What if? These thought questions came from Pastor Brian Zahnd’s Message: “The Unrevival” PBZ also posted the question on his blog on July 19, 2007 I underlined what I thought was the key word(s) in the questions.

1. What if this next revival is an unrevial?

2. What if this revival is quiet instead of loud?

3. What if we let the gospel work from the inside out?

4. What if we become friends with sinners—- because we can totally relate?

5. What if we learn to communicate the good new as news not a religious rhetoric?

6. What if we learn to share this good news in a way that’s not “us vs them”?

7. What if the only government we really hope for the Government of God?

8. What if we quit being in such a hurry to get out of here and actually belong?

9. What if we stop segregating ourselves and share our common humanity?

10. What if we become known as disciples of Jesus because we love like Him?

What if ?

Think about…


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