Met Someone With The Same Last Names?

I’ve been searching on my family history. I’ve been coming across a lot of same name relatives. It’s so confusing. Also, relatives went by their middle name. I see why.

I was looking through some of my old blogs. I thought to share this one.
May the Lord Bless you.
May we see the humor in life’s happenings.

Thanks for reading.
Notes: Friday, 23 October 2009

Met Someone With The Same Last Name?

Other than relatives, I’ve met some people with my last name. I can’t recall who the first non – family member that have the same surname I do. I recall someone ask me if I was related to a Julie B. We weren’t related.

I do come across some members in a church the I attend. It’s cool. We spell our names the same way. Yeah, we are brothers and sisters in the LORD with the same last names.

There was a guy who was a member of W.O.L.C. His name happened to be just as father’s name. The first time I met this guy was on a Friday night. Maybe it was appointed that I met him. I keep hearing his name in Bible Study.

Back to the story. I wanted to set up on the front row. A lady spoke to me and said that there is a man that has the same last name as I do. She introduce us. This guy pulled out his wallet and showed me his I.D. Yeah, we have the same last name.

I get a kick out of finding others with the same last name. I went on facebook. I search ladies with my first and last name. But only two did reply.

Its something to have the same first and last name with non relatives. There is a former actress / model that have my name. Well, the last name is a different by pronounced the same way.

Yeah, we got to met. She came to my home town. I had connections to met her. How nice that was.

May we be excited to met people who share like names. May we see it as something special. Amen.

While On The Journey,
Met Someone With The Same Last Name?

It’s fun to come across others with the same last names.
Just this month I can across a lady with my name.
But her last name had to letter turned around.

Have A Wonderful Weekend?



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