Children Christmas Program

I like children’s Christmas program. Who won’t? I attended a Christmas concert on Sunday night. It was very good. I felt the spirit of Christmas there.

I long to see the children in their Christmas program tonight. It was so funny last year. I laughed so hard my face and stomach were hurting. I had a good laugh. LoL

The Advent journey is among us. I hope you are aware of that. There is so much going on in life. We can get lost in what we do. But we need to take time to enjoy the simple things in life.

We, adults were once children. It’s a joy to see how children do what they do. It can bring back memories in our childhood. The good memories that we can relate to children of our times. Think of yourself at a child’s age. Great wonders we might recall.

May we continue to enter into the Advent season as children.
May we see like the eyes of a child.
May the Lord awaken our spirits to see Him, as we should like little children.

Thanks for reading.


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