A Sense Of Joy

Happy 2nd Day of Winter! Brrr!

If you’re out and about, remember to take the fruit of the spirit with you. There will be a lot of people with you. Peace be with you on your journey. Christmas Eve is coming.

May we have the joy of the Lord with us wherever we go.

Thanks for reading.

Notes from: Monday, 29 January 2007

A Sense Of Joy–

Something To Smile About This happened on a February or March day in 1994. I was outside watching three of my nieces. We were cloud watching. As we were watching clouds, I had a thought to pray for someone at church who I knew was down in spirit. I had heard this person say so earlier during the week. So I prayed for that person.

As I continued to look into the sky for clouds, I looked northward. I was stuck by a huge bright cloud that I had to shield my eyes from viewing it. After my vision returned back to normal, I had to looked in that direction to see what that was so bright. Lo and Behold I saw a HUGE SMILEY FACE. It was as thought it was smiling back at me.

This give me a “sense” of joy to look at! It was like I had “something to smile about”. I had a good feeling inside of me. I smiled back at this smiley face. I looked at that cloud as long as I could. I was truly amazed by what I saw. I had forgotten all about my nieces.

Now when I see any form of smiley faces, it reminds me of that “cloud smiley face” in the sky. I like smiley faces. I believe that it was not a coincident that I saw “that cloud” in the sky “that day”. I believe that God brings things into our lives to express His presences and His pleasures toward us. That smiley face brought joy into my soul and heart after looking at that very bright cloud.

I had imagined about that cloud. That smiley face was made out of a CLOUD! Wow! It was picture perfect. All of the circles were as round as round as they could possible be. The eyes, the mouth and the head to a tee. That smile was so perfect indeed. Yeah, I believe that the Master created that smiley face just for me to see.

As I look back over my walk with the Lord, I can say that 1994 was a “strange” or a unique year for me. Next to 1999 these years were my spiritual growth years…in growing in the Lord… I experienced a lot of things during my the early disciplining years. There were times I felt like I did not have both oars in the water. I am thankful that Jesus was there in the boat with me. Jesus is still there with me.

One more thing I would like to share. I was up late one night and was talking with God. He wanted me go be sleep. But I keep talking. I ask God, Did I talk too much to Him? This is what I heard in my spirit. I believe that this was of the Lord. He said that I was “spiritual growing like a wild flower in the wilderness.” Yeah, I bust out laughing and said to God, OK! I will go to sleep.

New Day Dawning! ~Susie~ Hope that you are having A Funday Monday!
“Pride is the seat of all unrighteousness and unpleasantness.”–David Roper


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