While In The Garden 14th day

Notes from Sunday, 25 March 2007
While In The Garden Entry Date: 5th Sunday of Lent/ 84th Day of 2007 / 14th Day Till Easter Sunday. The Dawn of The 8th Day is coming…
While I was my garden last week, I centered myself and focused my prayer time in thanksgiving, praise and worship. I asked God if there was any unforgiveness in my heart, let it be know to me. So He did and I forgave.
One time after I was about to end my prayer time with God, I looked at my watch and was “quick to stop”. I was in a “hurry “after praise and worship because it was “time” for me to stop. As I thought it was…

Then I believe that the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said “Don’t rush out in prayer.” So then I lingered a little longer in prayer. I am learning to linger more.

Then there was another time when I felt freely to release some other things that I just wanted to release…. only God knows about. I forgave and repented and I believe that I am forgiven by God.

I have released a lot of things as I am continuing in surrendering things to God, questioning some things about my life, gaining insights about some things and making more discoveries as I am “entering in my garden” of prayer.

This week I am entering into some things that I am accepting in my life. May the Lord help me as I journey along this week before Holy Week. I am excited about Easter! I am REALLY excited. This Easter is very special for me. This date will fall on Easter again in the year 2012.
Billy Graham said “When Christ is out of order or way down on your priority list your whole life is upside down.” Lord help us live a life of order. And to set our priority to our Father’s will. May we confess Lord… Psalm 119:105… “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Guide our lives Lord so that we will see where we need to go. In Your name I pray Amen.
Something to think about: What is on your top priority list? May the Lord our God be the top priority on our daily list. Amen.
Heavenly Father I thank You that we are alive in You. For You are our strength in all that we do. I thank You for this first day of the week where the body of Christ gather together to celebrate Jesus’ victory. I thank You, Jesus for the total VICTORY that You accomplished at the cross. I give You praise.

I thank You that we have the opportunity to come to You and seek You. We can find peace and rest in You as we come to You at anytime in our day. I thank You that You love us. And that we can feel Your love enfolding in us ass we are in Your presence. Help us receive Your love.

Your presence is so wonderful to be in . I thank You for Your presence. May we trust You for the cares that we need. For You know what we need. I thank You for holding us together and holding us up when we don’t think we can do it. I thank You for strength.

I thank You that You have prepared a way and continue to prepare the way for us. You continue to light our paths. You fulfill our desires as we seek after You. Help us to accept the good of things in our lives. And for the good that is to come. Help us to listen with our hearts. For it’s You that makes our hearts beat.

You are in our hearts, Lord. We belong to You. Fill our lives anew and refresh our spirits. Let there be encouragement that flows within us. We can’t breathe without You. We depend on You for helping us to live out our lives. We love You. We are Yours.

I thank You Father God for the covenant blessings of WISDOM, LIFE and ANOITING that You have put on our lives. The life of Jesus and His anointing that You give to those who call upon Your Son for salvation. I thank You for the wisdom that You give us in the chooses that we make. For You are our GOD. In Jesus’ name AMEN.
Special Note: Via Dolorosa….Experience the Way of the Cross. In yesterday’s blog I wrote down what’s on the banners in the Upper Room at the 24/7 prayer and worship center : Word of Life Church St. Joseph, MO.

I hope that you will take part in the experience. My friend angiewashington said that she was wondering what was on the banners. She can not make it to the Upper Room. She lives in another country. Also I believe that my friend cyndymac will take part too. Thank you girls for your comments.Thank you my friends.

Most of you can not make it to the Upper Room to take part in this experience of the Way of the cross. So I copied what’s on the banners so that if you are interested you can take part wherever you have your quiet time with God. I hope you join in.
I will re read the banners again. See if I copied correctly. Also read pastor’s blog http://www.brianzahnd.com for information on “Christian Mysticism.” March 22, 2007. He preach on this on March 23, 2007.
I hope that you plan to go to your home church today. Mine is Word of Life Church Sundays 9AM or 11AM CST. ( June of 2014 the Sunday gatherings: 10 AM only)


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