The First 3 Stations Of The Cross: Devotional For Holy Week

1. In The Garden (The Garden)

Mark 14:32-40

Jesus, we see You in the garden, praying in the darkness of night. Your anguished prayer is one of deep struggle with the Father’s will. While You agonize over the Father’s will and are strengthened to fulfill His plan, Your disciples, overcome with sadness, can do nothing by give themselves over to sleep.

O Jesus, wake us for our sleep. Help us to face life’s difficulties. honestly, knowing that we can trust in God. Strengthen us in the time of our trials. May our prayer always be an expression of all that we are, and all that we do.

We love You Jesus; teach us how to pray.

2. Betrayal & Arrest

Mark 14:41-46

Jesus, as You wake Your disciples one who has not slept arrives with an angry crowd. Judas reveals Your identify to them with a kiss. His act of affection is a signal to point You out as the one who loves but is rejected by his own.

O Jesus, we are quick to greet You with affection in our prayer and worship But how often do our external words and actions conceal hearts that are easily turned from You.

We love You, Jesus; help us to love You with all our hearts.

3. Jesus Is Condemned by the Sanhedrin

(Jesus Is Condemned)

Matthew 26:57-68

Jesus, Your words are blasphemy to the ears of the high priest. He tears his garments, unable to see the presence of God in the one who stands before him arrested and accused. He can not believe in a God who, because of such great love, would willingly become so powerless.

O Jesus, we can be so limited in our vision. We find it difficult to look beyond our narrow expectations and see You as You are. Give us the grace to hear Your words clearly and to follow You in the truth.

We love You Jesus; reveal to us what God is like.

via Stations of the Cross at Upper Room Prayer Chapel


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