Taking Breaks

Here’s a repost from Thursday, 08 May 2008
Some Of My Thoughts: Taking Breaks / Fasting On My Journey of Transformation: My Higher Calling
Extra Blogging: Some of My Thoughts

I think that is a good thing that I can post this blog on the day I fast my computer. How technology can do wonders. I would not have posted this blog without this future post.

It is good for me to take a break from my computer. I can get hook in this device. It is not a good things for me to do.

I get a lot done on Fridays. But, I need to make Fridays a DAY of REST from my week. I can do a lot on Fridays that can wear me down too. I don’t want that.

I am learning to discipline myself. I have been learning to pace myself from the old habits that I had. Things do seem to be a lot difference since I have started on this new road.

I am still on the HIGH ROAD with The KING. I have learned a lot on this road of life. It is different. But, God is with me. He is so good.

When changes come I find myself having to struggle with these changes. I try to adjust to what is coming. I do my best to move on.

It is like this blogging world that I am in. I have a lot of things come to me to blog or to share. I try to share interesting things.

Right now, I have free time to blog. I call this my “extra blogging” section. Since we have the opportunity to post future post, I can have this FREE TIME to blog.

have blogged in advance. I do came back and add more as the days come by. I think more as I rest from what I write.

But what do I do when I have other blogs waiting to be posted?
I can write extra blogs.
I can go do other things.

I can search for my family history.
Note: Today May 8th around the 2 – 3 PM hour. I think I found a long lost cousin. I emailed her. I got a reply from her.

God is so GOOD. This lady is in for a lot of news on our family history. I viewed her search, she knows very little about her ancestors. I hope that I can add to her search.

Back to my list:
I can take breaks from my computer.
I can take a nap.

I can re read other blogs.
I can come back and re read my future blogs and make corrections.
This is what I am doing know about 6 50 PM.

I can do a lot of things by using future post.
I can take three days off from blogging and still post blogs those days.

I have been reading some of the questions on featured questions. I see a lot of blogs from that blog site. I will post one on Sunday on Mother’s Day.

I can never say that I don’t have any thing to write about. I have future blogs that are awaiting to be posted. It is not the time to do so.

Well, I just thought to chat with you guys for a bit. Hope all is going good for you. I have been through some things these past weeks.

Things are looking good. I need to regroup from what went on. God is in control.

In the spirit of thankfulness: Some of My Thoughts
I am thankful that God is with me always. I am thankful that when things come, we can move on. I am thankful that I made it to the other side.

I am thankful that I can take a day away from my computer. I am thankful that I can enjoy my life. I am thankful that I can blog.

Have A Fabulous Friday!
The sun is going down. I will be back from my Friday Fast on Saturday sometime. I get some things to blog about when I am off my computer.

I hope that you ENJOY Your Day! Grace and Peace to you. Take Care.

Happy Trails To YOU. Until we meet again! God Bless.

Wonder want this means…
8 Post 1:24 ?
8 = Day of Month of May I first posted this blog.
Post = PM
8th of May, 1:24 PM


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