On A New Path

It’s been a wonderful week. I feel a change or shift in some things.  I feel like I’m on a new path. My spirit feels lighter.

I think that my Summertime challenge has something to do with it. I really do. There are some things that I’ve done away with. And there are some things I’m on mute from. I’m seeking the pathway of peace. I’m not doing as much of  that I use to do.

This new pathway is a challenge. My mind wonder at times. I ask myself: Am I doing the right thing?  But then again, I’m finding peace as I’m traveling on this road.. That’s what I want. I’m thankful for the peace of God.

Yes, on this challenge, I’ve been getting distracted from time to time. My counter action is that I confess scriptures. And  I keep moving on. I don’t want to return to where I was. Yes, indeed! I’m pressing on into what’s ahead.

Yes, I’ve been repenting. I come to realize that I’ve done in the past, I shouldn’t. Don’t we all? I’m rethinking some matters. I feel at peace. I’m forgiven. Thank the Lord for forgiveness.

I’ve been on a new beginning. I don’t know where I’m headed. But, I know this, the LORD is with me. And the Holy Spirit will guide me into the truth. I pray that I can hear God’s leading.

I hope all is coming along with you. Peace to you on your journey. Keep pressing on.

May we continue on the journey with Jesus. May the Holy Spirit comfort us go about life. May we follow the pathway that lead to Peace. Amen.

The photo was taken on a women’s retreat in 1994. I was crossing a bridge: On A New PathSusie on Retreat

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2 Responses to On A New Path

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I need a new beginning. Looking back, I like some things slide.

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