Tired Feeling Lazy?

I was looking back over some of my old blogs.
This blog is like happening now.
I’ve been slowing down.
I need to relax and take things easy.

Notes from Thursday, 15 September 2011 :  Tried Feeling Lazy

There are times in my life when I’m down right lazy. I feel the lack of energy to do some things. This feeling is like it’s draining me.

I have noticed this happens when I missed my 7 hours of sleep at night. My eyes are heavy. My soul is weary. It’s like I have a lot put on me. I don’t know what to do.

I seem to be forgetful during this time. I’m feel so tried. It’s like I’m overworked. I need rest. I need to be restored and move on with my day.

We all need our rest. I need about 7 hours of sleep. When I sleep longer than 7 hours, I seem to be lazier. I figured that out. That’s old.

What’s ironic about this blog? I wrote it while I lack my rest over night. I couldn’t sleep. I have to catch up on my sleep when this happens.

May we learn to get our rest. May we go about our days the best way that we can. May we be restored and move on with what we need to do. AMEN.

Thanks for reading.
Tried Feeling Lazy
Stay On The Journey,


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