My Mother’s Grandmother, Maw

Tuesday’s Treasure:

One day my mother share with me something about her Grandmother Anna Laura (Washington) Allen Walters. I don’t recall how the conversation came about. But, my mother told me that I walked like her Grandma. I laughed and said what? My mother said  to me, “You walk liked my Maw.” In other works, my mother’s mother was pigeon toed.

Some of the above information was taken from my notes; written on Leap Day, February 29 1980.

 Photo above the name of my  mother’s Grandmother who was called Maw!  This was taken from Anna’s obituary February of 1947.

I have no photos of my Great Grandmother, Anna. Oh, how I wished I did. I do believe that there were photos of her. My mother’s parents had photos. There are some much we can get out of photos.

I wonder. What other things that I (and others) do that reminds others of other relatives. It’s nice to know. I’m thankful to know that I walked like my mother’s grandma.

Thanks for reading.

S.A. Blakley




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