Tracing The Lankford / Lankfard Surname Through Isabella Nickerson

Who Was Isabella NICKERSON?

Isabella V. NICKERSON was the daughter of Robert and Charlotta
(DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD. She was born in St. Joseph, MO.

Mrs. E.W. Nickerson

1889 – 1938

 On the 1900 census,

Isabella was listed born in Sept 1898.
Her age appeared to be first written as 2 but, marked over to be a one.
She would have been two in Sept of 1900.
Her name was spelled: Isabell SANKFORD / SANDFORD LIVED with parents
and siblings at 2413 Edmond., St. Joseph, MO.

On the 1910 Census

Her name was spelled Isabelle V. LANKFARD. She lived with her parents
and siblings at 2412 Edmond.

On the 1920 Census
Her name was listed as Isabel V. LANKFORD on the index.
However, her mother, Charlottie,  household, her surname was spelled LANKFARD.
Isabel lived with mother and brother, Charles at 516 N 24th St. in St . Joseph, MO.
They were listed as mulatto.
The census was taken on Jan 10, 1920.

Isabella married Ezekiel W. Nickerson on August 16, 1920 in Denver Colorado.
Her surname was spelled LANKFORD on marriage index.
Isabella gave birth to a son on  Nov 14, 1924.
His name was spelled,  LANKFORD J. NICKERSON.

Info from the Nickerson children records
Mother’s name was
 Elizabeth LANKGFORD
Isabell V. Lankford
Isbell Langford

I need to update Isabella NICKERSON’s information. I have discovered more.
The above names were from 3 of the NICKERSON records.
Her children were young when their mother passed.
Perhaps the informant on the records didn’t know how the surname was spelled.

Mrs. Isabella V. NICKERSON

It appears that Isabella with by the LANKFORD surname.
She named one of hers son LANKFORD.
Thanks for reading
S.A. Blakley

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