The Blood Moon

Happy Day and Happy 1st Weekend in October!

I can say that I witnessed the super blood moon this week. At first, I wasn’t going to watch it. But, I thought. What the hack? It will be 18 years to see the next one. I  decided not the miss this opportunity.

It was a clear and cool night. I had to wear a jacket. I went outside to look for the moon at 7:11 cst.  I don’t see the moon at first. Other people saw it before the sun went down. I had to wait.  I saw the moon about 7:30 PM cst. It was glowing.

I watched and waited for the changing of the colors of the moon.  As the night grow darker, my view was with a street light as I looked into the sky. I had to shell my eyes to look.  And later on the moon was hidden behind trees. Go figure.

I decided to walk over a way so I could see the moon more clearer. It was beautiful! It was glowing. I’ve seen a blood moon before. It was in April a few years ago. I didn’t have trouble seeing that one.  It was cool to look at. And so was this one.

Meanwhile back to blood moon 2015, I waited  until the time of the peak about 9:27 PM.  I did get to see the red cold. The white silvery ring around the moon was glowing. Then the redness came. I waited as long as I could. It was worth it.

I came back inside and watched more in the internet. I had a better view of the moon there. I watched until the whole process of the moon eclipse was over.  I’m so glad that I got to see it.

I hope you got to witness the super blood moon. If not. Well 18 years from now is the next one. I hope Jesus returns before then. Come LORD, Jesus!

May we seize the moments that we are in. May we not miss out on things that pass us by. May the LORD surprise us with great awe and wonder. Amen.

Thanks for reading,


About Susan

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