1.5 + Billions Dollars: I can’t count that far.

Who can count to 1.5 Billion? I can’t imagine doing that. I have never though a jackpot go up to 1.5 + billions dollars. How does that song go? Money, money, money, got to have it. Indeed many will be playing and wishing that their numbers will come up.

I use to play the lottery every week. As I look back over those years, I was donating my money that I should have use else where. I came to my senses along the way.

I can say that I don’t play the lottery every week. But, I have an itching inside of me to play today. Lol. Who won’t want to play? 1.5 + Billion dollars.

That’s a whole lot of money. I believe that there will be a lot of people who don’t normally play will play. I don’t know how much a ticket cost. It was a dollar back in the days.

I pray that people won’t go over board trying to win.  People can get hook on things. We shouldn’t forget the needs of life. When we don’t have money to pay our bills or eat, why spend it on the lottery? We should us common sense.

In all, we shouldn’t put our trust in the system of winning the lottery. It’s a chance against the odds. Yes, some lucky person or people will win this jackpot. God bless them.

I pray that people won’t gamble their life savings away just to get rich. I pray that whosoever wins this jackpot will receive wisdom to handle what was given to them. It’s a chance of a lifetime.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to 1.5 + Billions Dollars: I can’t count that far.

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    That is hard for most to resist.

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