Thinking about what to fast or do more of during the Lenten Season

We’re in the last full week of the Epiphany Season. We’ll be stepping into the Lenten Season on Ash Wednesday. I’ve been thinking about what to fast or do more of during this season.

I’ve been praying about what I should do. I tend to do the same old thing from year to year. But, somehow last year, I read somewhere, that what we fast for Lent is a thing we don’t go back to. For example: If I fast an ice cream sundae, I gave it up for good.

Why do we fast for 40 days and return to what we fasted from? That is a good question. So, this Lenten season, My aim is to cease “something” that are not for me anymore. I know that I will be tempted along my journey. But, I have set my will to not to desire some things any longer.

I’ve noticed in the past, after I fasting some things. I didn’t return in doing them. But, as for the foods I have up, I went back to them.  Well. I need to give up some kind of food that isn’t good for me.  Wonder, if I can do that?

I do have some foods coming into my mind. However, with the LORD’s help, I believe that I can stop eating them.  I know, if I’m tempted to eat what I shouldn’t, the Lord won’t be mad at me.  I know I should repent and start all over again.

I want to please God. I don’t make things out of rules. I know that the Lord can help me lose the desire for things that are not good for me. And I need to agree with the Him.

May we think about what we should do for the Lenten Season. May the LORD guide us into what He wants us to do. And may we keep what we do into practice during the Lenten Season. Amen.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Thinking about what to fast or do more of during the Lenten Season

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Hi Susan. I wish you well with your no rules and permanet fast rules.

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