The Last Weekend Of the Epiphany Season: And invited to a “Chili Supper.” Happy Fat Friday!

Happy Fat Friday! I never heard of Fat Friday, until last month. Some church members and I gather together on Friday nights. We have the desire to want to know more about Jesus.

Where did the phrase Fat Friday come from? A member in the church was thinking about having a Fat Friday gathering. We’re having chili. I call it a chili supper. And there’s lots of it.

Our gathering won’t meet on Fat Tuesday. So the last Friday of Epiphany, our gathering will meet on Fat Friday. I know that this isn’t on the church calendar.

As for Fat Friday; there are about 22 team who have cooked chili. There’s a contest going on. Who cooked the best chili? We even get to vote. There will be prizes. I’m not on a team.

I do like chili. I have it at least 2 to 3 times a month. I don’t normally eat after 7 PM. The gathering starts a 7 PM. I don’t know.  What am I going to do?

This is funny. Yes! What I’m I going to do? Go along with the crowd and eat chili. Not attend the gathering because I don’t eat after 7 PM. Or attend the gathering and eat a little? What a dilemma. Or will I go? We’ll see.

May the Lord guide us in what we should do. May we not be force to do things that we should do. May we see the good in doing some things in  a new way. Amen.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to The Last Weekend Of the Epiphany Season: And invited to a “Chili Supper.” Happy Fat Friday!

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I to to things when food is available and take a few bites. I am no longer a big

    I am sure Jesus will lead you. He told the 70 that if they stay in a home eat what is offered and ask not questions. Lol

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