How well do we wait? LORD, teach us how to wait well!

Waiting is a part of our journey throughout life. We need to learn how to wait. But, how? I guess, we have to experience the process of waiting in order to learn from what we should do while waiting.

I was waiting for people to come by the house this week. I was doing what I needed to do while I was waiting for them to come. Time went by, I was wondering where to people were. Then, I can the phone call. They weren’t coming. I’m like, WHAT!  Okay!

I should be wiser in all the waiting that I’ve gone through. I’m learning.  I don’t sit around waiting. I’ve learned to be doing something in the process of waiting.

I’m at a point to where, I don’t want to waste time. I’ve been trying to keep active. I don’t need to be on my computer hours and hours in a day. Nor do I need to be on my cell phone checking up on things. Well,  I won’t go there. That’s another blog.

Any who, I’m learning that I shouldn’t get all up tight about things. If people cancel out, it’s for a reason. I should see the bright side of it. We all should. We need to lighten up a little.

May the LORD grant us wisdom while we are waiting.  May we be active in what we do. May we learn to use our time wisely and not waste the time that we have. Amen.

Whatever you’re facing in life’s issues,
Remember try to see the bright side of the situation.
The LORD is with you…
Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
Pray for them and wish them well.

Have  A Great Day!
When the times comes, learn to wait well.

Thanks for reading.


Psalm for the Day: Psalm 104
 O Lord My God, You Are Very Great

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2 Responses to How well do we wait? LORD, teach us how to wait well!

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Yes, it is better to stay active than grumbling about people letting us down.

    The pastor who led me to the Lord quickly advised, ‘Frank, keep your eyes on Jesus. People will always disappoint you.’

    • Susan says:

      That Pastor was telling you the truth…”keep your eyes on Jesus. People will always disappoint you.” This is so true. We should pray for the people who disappoint us. We all have our issues.

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