What Worship Means to Me As A Follower Of Jesus Christ: It’s Sacred

I don’t know when I became a true worshipper of Jesus Christ. I’ve confessed Jesus as Lord and my Savior on Friday, March 25, 1983. I started gathering with the church on Sept 12, 1993. I joined a community of believers on Oct 17, 1993.  I’m still on the journey.

I didn’t know what worship was about. I thought it was just singing songs in church. But, through the years, I’ve learned that it’s much more than singing. Indeed it is.

Worship is a lifestyle. It includes a lot of things. We gather as the church. We sing songs. We listen to scripture. We pray. We give tithes and offerings.  We worship Jesus!

We’re in His presence. We’re just being a part of the church as we gather weekly. We’re becoming  Christian disciplines. And we observe the Christian calendar.  All are apart of the lifestyle of worship.

In all that we do. In all we should worship the LORD. In all that we do in thoughts, words and in deeds. With every thing that we have. Worship the LORD.

This sounds impossible. But, with the help of the Holy Spirit, God will allow us to do what He wants us to do. We can’t do what we say we want to do without the leading of the Holy Spirit.

May we worship the LORD in spirit and in truth. May the LORD help us to worship Him. May we fix our eyes upon the LORD. May we worship together as the Church. Amen

The next time you have the honor to worship in public, be a giver…
Worship God with what you have in thoughts, words and indeed
Honor Jesus…focus on Him.
Be in His presence and bring glory to His Name.
He’s worth it.

Thanks for praying.

Psalm for the Day: Psalm 106
 Give Thanks to the Lord, for He Is Good

Daily Prayer via Daily Office
Morning Prayer and Morning Psalms
Evening Prayer and Evening Psalms 


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2 Responses to What Worship Means to Me As A Follower Of Jesus Christ: It’s Sacred

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    We owe Jesus everything and it should show.

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