When Worry Comes Your Way, Give it to the LORD. ~ Help Me, O Lord My God

We’re on a journey in life. There are times in our lives when worry will come upon us. Yes, we all worry. Some of us worry more than others.  But, when worry comes, what should we do?

I heard that we should cast our cares to the LORD. But, how to we do that? Give it to the LORD.  But, HOW? It’s doesn’t say ease to do.

It’s placing our trust in God with what we are concerned about. The weight that is weighing us down with worry. We should let it go. Release it to God.

But, how? As many times as it takes. It make take many times or even hundreds of times. Casting our cares to the LORD is what we should do throughout our lifetime. In some point in time, the weight of that burden will become lighter and lighter .

I’ve had my shares of burdens. I’ve felt the weight of things that held me down. I keep casting my cares unto the LORD. I have to put my trust in God.

May we not let our hearts be trouble. May the LORD help us to cast our cares to Him.  May we continue to place our cares unto the LORD as many times as it takes. Amen.

If you’re weighted down and worn out, turn to Jesus.
Tell Him your worries and fears.
Believe that He hears you.

Thanks for reading.

Psalm for the Day: Psalm 109
Help Me, O Lord My God

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One Response to When Worry Comes Your Way, Give it to the LORD. ~ Help Me, O Lord My God

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I like to think backing up a dump truck of trouble and dumping them on the Lord. It was his. Idea.

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