Quiet Spaces: We need those quiet moments with God. Places in #Prayer

I thankful for my quiet spaces. We should guard our spaces.  We need those quiet moments with God. That sacred place where we’re interact with God Almighty everyday.

I didn’t know that there is a book called “Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes For Women” by Patricia Wilson until April 7, 2016. It’s apart of an online group called “My Quiet Spaces: Creating Space with God by Women for Women. I’ve been exploring the website.

How did I come across this site? A twitter friend, Janice told me about it. I glad the she did.  She even blessed me with the book. I’m thankful to be thought of. I received it in the mail on Monday.

I hope to be apart of this women’s group.
There are four ways that we can connect.
Discussion with Family and Friends
Online Discussion Group
Creative Expression
Prayer was a category
There is a page on Prayer Moment
This website sounds interesting.
I’m more the creative expression and prayer moment category.

The website launch the week I heard about it.
I’ve been trying to follow along.
The group is into the 3rd week.
And now, I have to book. “Quiet Spaces”

April theme is


Week 1: What makes writing sacred?
Week 2: How can writing help you find sacred places in your life?
Week 3: What writing habits suit you best, and how can you connect with God in writing?Week 4: How can you create your own sacred writing space?

Here are some of the Upcoming Themes.
There are different books from time to time.
I like the one “Quiet Spaces.

May we find spaces in our world where we can commune with God.

Thanks for reading.

Psalm for the Day: Psalm 111
Great Are the Lord‘s Works

 Daily Prayer via Daily Office
Morning Prayer and Morning Psalms
Evening Prayer and Evening Psalms


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  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    This sounds excellent.

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