What Community Means To Me As A Follower of Jesus Christ At Word Of Life Church

Word Of Life Church

The Cross and Communion Table on the platform at Word Of Life Church

My Back Story: I wasn’t a Church goer. 
I didn’t grow up attending traditional church gatherings, However,  when I did attend church, I felt uncomfortable while I was there. I had a feeling that I didn’t fit in. (I did manage to attend weddings and funerals.)

My Church Journey began: Sept of 1993
Through the years, the Spirit of the LORD began to be drawn to the church. It took me awhile to agree.  I started attending  weekly church gatherings  when I was 30 1/2.  And a month later, I joined the community of WOLC. I felt that it was the time to be connected and committed to the church. I felt comfortable being at WOLC’s setting.

In the beginning, I didn’t realize  the church was a community. I had an attitude about the church. It was a place where I didn’t what to be apart of. How foolish my thinking was back then. I’ve repented.

Now, that I’m growing in the LORD, I see the church as a community of believers on a journey following Jesus together. We are living life together. We gather in the Name of Jesus to worship Him as a community. It’s good that we can learn from one another, encourage one another and pray for one another.

As we’ve been on the journey, I’ve been learning new words and phrases. I rarely try to say the phrase “I’m going to church”.  I received the revelation.  The people make up the church. We gathering in a place where we meet to worship Jesus. I attend gatherings with the church.

Also, I’ve been seeing things in a new way as I’m in a community.  It’s like I have new eyes. I can’t do life as a Christian solo. I need the church. The church needs me. And we need each other. The journey isn’t meant to be traveled alone. Amen!

I’m thankful for the community of Word Of Life Church. I’ve been a member since Sunday, Oct 17, 1993. I’ve met a lot of beautiful people a long my journey.  I’m thankful that God drew me to Himself in this church community.

May the LORD guide us closer and closer to Him.
May we be willing to be led by the Spirit.
May God lead us as we make discoveries and encounter Jesus as a community.

The Journey: As A Community 
May we be aware and acknowledge the presence of God.
May we want to learn more as we journey through life.
May we reflect on life as we go through.
May we take action to what we have experienced on our journey.

Thanks for reading.

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One Response to What Community Means To Me As A Follower of Jesus Christ At Word Of Life Church

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good Morning, Susan Considering what Christ wants for the church community and what He did forf it. Saying ‘I am going to church’ is very, very shallow. You are right. Believers all over the world are the church. Nice to hear you love your local church community.

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