Celebrating Birthdays! Celebrating Life! Living Life Together!

We’ve been celebrating birthdays in April.

Birthdays are special. We should celebrate life with others. Amen!

When I ordered my birthday cake early this month,  I added all my family members who had a birthday in April. How unique!  I did it last month for one of my brother’s birthday. I thought that it was a good idea. So, I did it for April. I’ll do it again in July and October 2016.

Just imagine, all that ice cream and cake, if  we would celebrate one birthday at a time.  That’s a lot.  As I’m growing in wisdom,  I’ve learned  that I can’t have as much ice cream and cake in my earlier years. I wish I could though.

You know, celebrating life should be an ongoing thing in our lives. Each of our lives are God’s gift. We should learn to celebrate our lives with others. If it’s your birthday, Happy Birthday to you! Celebrate you! Enjoy your day! Blessings to all.

May we have special ways to celebrate life.
May we thank God for the gift of life that He has given to us.
May we learn to enjoy our everyday life.

Thanks for reading.

Psalm for the Day: Psalm 114
Tremble at the Presence of the Lord

Thanks for reading.

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Morning Prayer and Morning Psalms
Evening Prayer and Evening Psalms


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2 Responses to Celebrating Birthdays! Celebrating Life! Living Life Together!

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good Morning, Susan. Lovely idea about the birthday cake. AT age 82 and in declining health, I now like my birthdays and hope to be here to enjoy one in July.

    I agree. Celebrate. I could celebrate more if I did not watch TV news.

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