Memories Of Being on The WOLC’s Worship Team

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years. Oh, how time has passed me by. On April 25, 1996, I became a member of Word Of Life Church’s worship team. I was so excited that I made the time.  This was my first ministry team that I was on.

Yes, I’ve come a long ways in 20 years. Just think, I didn’t know how to read music. I never sung in a church choir. I had to audition. Singing in front of people was a challenge for me.   Why did I tried out for the choir? I believe that the Spirit of the LORD lead me to. I m thankful that I was chosen.

My choir season lasted  5 years, 9 months, and 11 days. I joined the special choir in Feb of 1996 and then later joined the team on April 25, 1996.  I gave God all the glory while I was there.

My sadness days were the last weekend of being on the team.  I felt a part of me dead that weekend. However, I knew on Dec 2, 2001, I had to keep pressing on with Jesus. I’m so grateful that the LORD has brought me through the years after the choir. ( I did return to the team a few times.  It wasn’t same. No, it wasn’t. But, I’m thankful for that opportunity to be there.)

As I look back over that season in my life, I thank God that He allowed me to be apart of the team. I did learned a lot from my experiences through the years. It was a great challenge for me. I believe that I was shaped and formed during the process.

As for today, I’m still worshiping God with my whole heart. I’m at a different position. I’m facing the platform, the lyrics are on the big screen, there’s no weekly practices and there is no dress code. It’s a lot easier than facing the congregation, memorizing the lyrics my parts as an alto and about an hour 1/2 hour weekly practices.

What did I learn as I was a member of WOLC’s regular choir? I learned more about Jesus and people. I learned respect and how to dress.  I learned more about music and to sing from my heart. I still have my dress code. And I’m still learning about life as I’m on the journey worshiping Jesus.

I’ve learned, no matter how many people are in the gathering, my focus isn’t on my surrounding. My thoughts are on Jesus. I can get caught up in things. The Spirit of God is so real to me. He so real.

One major thing I’ve learned in life to focus on Jesus in whatever I’m going through.  I mean, any thing I’m facing in life. The LORD is there to see me through.

Thank you, Word Of Life Church for allowing me to be apart of your community. I’ve been enriched by being connected with people. God is using us to shine His light in our community and those around us.

May we remember while we’re in church gatherings, it’s not a show. May we respect the presence of the LORD while in worship. May we see the beauty of the LORD in the place where His Spirit dwells. Amen.

 Thank for reading. 

I know, worship is more than singing songs. In any case, our heart and focus should be on the LORD. We should do things out of our heart, it’s not to get peoples applauses or favor. But, it’s for our love for God. Worship is a lifestyle.

I Love the Lord because, he has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy ~ Psalm 116:1 Thank You, LORD! Mercy, Mercy!


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2 Responses to Memories Of Being on The WOLC’s Worship Team

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Beautiful testimony!!! Praise Jesus!!

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