What Justice Means To Me

I don’t recall when I understood what the word justice meant. My first recollection of the word was in the U.S. pledge of alliance to the flag. “And justice for all”. But, is this so?

I thought the word meant punishment or play back from wrong doing. But, as I’m growing in years, I’ve been discovering that justice means more than that. It’s making things right in a world gone wrong.

There’s so much in the world that’s not wrong. How can we make a difference with those things that we see that are not right? We can’t solve all the wrongness that comes in life. But, we can do what we can to make things a little better for others.

There are the homeless and people who lack things in life because of situations. The wrong that’s in the wrong needs to be restored. As humanity, we should tend to what to be a helping hand to those who lack. It’s not a hand out to get things for free. But, an act of love for those who are in need.

The world is full of hopeless situations. There are people who are hungry. There are children who are orphans. There are homeless people. And the list goes on. How can justice be in these situations? They need mercy.

What can we do? We can donate and give of our time to help the cause for hungry in our community. We can help service food in food kitchens. Serve in shelters were food are boxed for people. The list goes on and on.

We all can do something to help others receive justice. Some can’t service in food kitchens or help box food for those in need. But, we all can do something.  We need to have a heart to do so.

May the LORD lay things on our hearts to help bring justice to those in need. May we do good to others not only in thoughts but in deeds. May God make what is wrong right in His sight. Amen.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to What Justice Means To Me

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    A common slogan and chant for some protestors is, ‘Not Justice, No Peace.’ While I understand thier frustration, I am not sure the slogan is correct.

    I like your thinking on Justice. It sounds like the Good Smaratain story Jesus told. Everyone is our neighbor and when in need, we should help when we can. It is a little tricky sometimes. God O.T. Rules included farmers could not go harvest the fields twice–what they missed went to the poor people—same with grape harvest. However, the poor people still had to go to work and harvest the remaining grain and grapes.

    My wife loves to talk to the really down and out begging at fast food places. She witnesses to them and offers to buy them/ food. Most accept—sometime she gives them money. It gets tricky. I have talked to the police about this. They are 100% against it. They say refer them to a shelter or Rescue mission and give them the address. They say many are arrested for petty crimes.

    I like your read on Justice.

    Hunger around the world is awful. We are 5% of the worlds population and absorb a high percentage of the goods and services. I have felt for years that America’s number one sin is Greed. Both rich and poor are greedy. No one seems content with what God has provided.

    Wishing you a good Weeend in advance


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