Sunday Starts The First Of The Week

I can’t  recall when I learned that the first day of the week started on Sunday.  I had a mind-set that it started on Monday. Maybe because it’s the start of the work week for some.

It’s strange how we grow accustomed to things in life. However, as we grow in wisdom, we see things in a new light. The light the Holy Spirit allows us to see.

There have been things in my thinking that have changed in my upbringing. The way I use to see things have blended into a much richer way. Things appear differently as I’m experiencing life.

I’ve learned by gathering with the people of God on Sundays brings meaning to life. This does start my week off on the right track. Being in the presence of the LORD with the church is good. It sure makes a difference.

As I look back on the season when I didn’t assemble with church, I lack knowledge about the purpose of the gatherings.  I didn’t understand the importance of church. Sunday is the traditional worship day for Christians.

I hope that you attend a weekly gatherings. If not, that’s your choice. People can’t force us to gather. Being a part of the church is “a want to” choice. I’m thankful that I have the desire to attend church.

May the LORD teach us more about life as we journey with Him.
May our day begin and end with Jesus.
May we see the good in gathering as the church weekly.

Thanks for reading.


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3 Responses to Sunday Starts The First Of The Week

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I have alwasy felt that attending church on Sunday was the bare bones minimum for a Christian. Christ’s love of the church is supposed to be ‘copied’ by us as well. I am not there now, and don’t even make it to a church gathering some Sunday’s. That is my loss.

    • Susan says:

      Not being apart of the Sunday gathering is a great loss. But for those who are unable to attend can watch on TV or internet.

  2. jstnotherday says:

    I still think the first day of the week is Monday. Mon, comes from the root mono, meaning one… and we are supposed to rest on the seventh day so wouldn’t that make Sunday correct? 🙂 Not sure why the Jews had a Saturday Sabbath. I should look into the Jewish names for the days of the week. It may be enlightening. 🙂

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