The caring heart sees the good in others: The heart of being

We should honor our mothers and be thankful for them. We should consider others during Mother’s Day. There are people whose mother have passed on. There are people who  never had the opportunity to know their mother. And there are ladies couldn’t give birth to a child. Imagine how they might feel?

I remember my first Mother’s Day without my mother. I’m not a mother in the way of giving birth. However, I have cared for others in their early life as a mother. Being a mother is more than being pregnant and birthing a baby. There’s the care and upbringing process of a life that follows.

I have cared for some of my siblings children in their early life… I can so say, I was like a mother to them. The caring heart sees the good in others. I think, we all have that mother instinct inside of us.

I was so thankful to hear others wish me a Happy Mother’s Day! Some knew that I never gave birth to a child. But, they know that I care for others like a mother would. The heart of being a mother is in all of us.

We should all be HAPPY on Mother’s Day. The day is set aside to honor our mothers and motherhood. I thank God for my mother. Mother’s Day is for all of us. We should see it that way. And we should encourage those who feel left out on Mother’s Day or even Father’s Day. Amen!

May we learn new things while on the journey.
May we  thank God for our parents.
May we remember that God bless us all with the mother that He give us.

Thanks for reading

One thing for sure, we all have a mother that bring us into this world. Thank God for Mother’s Day and motherhood.  I hope all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!
I sure did


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2 Responses to The caring heart sees the good in others: The heart of being

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I agree with your sentiments.

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