May 10 ~ World Lupus Day: What I wish others knew about #Lupus : It’s like a civil war in your body

My Lupus Experience:  As far back as the  I can remember, I had symptoms of lupus while I was in High School during the late 1970’s to early 1980’s. Back then, the doctors didn’t know what I had.  The symptoms came and went.

I became real sick… “I went to doctors after doctors after doctors after doctors. They didn’t know what I had. I was in pain a lot. I had swollen joints… and aches. I couldn’t lay down to sleep. It went on for months and months during the Spring and Summer of 2001.”.  My 1st diagnosis was of lupus was in August 2001 at age 38. Then it came back; my 2nd diagnosis was in April 2004.

How can I build the awareness of lupus?
I have shared some of my testimony to others on my blogs over the years. I can’t recall how long I’ve been doing that. I know that there are people around me who didn’t know that I have lupus. I mention it from time to time. Here’s blog: Worst Pain Experienced:

I read up on lupus from time to time…..
What can I share with those who have lupus?
Know your body and your limitation.
Keep up with your doctors appointments.
Keep track of what  symptoms you have. ALWAYS PRAY about what concerns you.
Be around people who can pray for you and encourage you on your journey.

What is lupus? If you want to learn more about lupus google it.  That’s what I did when I first learned of it. Also, keep learning about the disease.

I’ve been in remission since Sept of 2004. ( Thank God!!) I’m taking medicine  and have other related lupus connections. I continue to have a positive attitude. God is the Healer.

Here are a few  websites
My Lupus Team
Lupus Wedmd

May we share our testimony from time to time.
May we educate ourselves on things we need to be updated on.
May the LORD bring healing to all who need healing and restoration.

Thanks for reading.


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Follower of Jesus Christ, Worshiper, Caregiver, Love Searching Family History, Lupus Warrior: On Twitter , Facebook ~ Journal on Xanga under the username of Journaling_Susan
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2 Responses to May 10 ~ World Lupus Day: What I wish others knew about #Lupus : It’s like a civil war in your body

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Thank God for His immune system and remission.

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