It’s been along ways from turning the Dial and the TV Antenna : We need Converter Boxes

I grew up with Cable TV. We had to turn the dial and adjust the TV antenna. It has been changing over the years. Now, it’s digital high tech. I don’t know how many channels there are on TV. But, I know for sure, I can watch them all.

Yesterday  was the day that switch occurs. I don’t know how many people will turn on their TVs and find out, they can’t watch it. We’ve been warn. We need a converter box. So that means each TV we want to watch, needs a box. It cost $3.50 a month per box plus paying the cable bill. Yike!

We all have to go through changes in like. There in a point when we have to make decisions. We have to get with the program or get something else. We need to be wise in what we do. We don’t have to follow the script that’s has been given us.

I’ve noticed through the years, I’ve been watching less TV. I’m more in the internet. Also, I’ve notice that there are some programs we can watch online that are on TV.  There are options ; digital antennas, Netflix, and the list goes on.

May the LORD help us get with the program.
May we adjust to the changes that come in life.
May we learn that watching TV isn’t the only option that we have.

Thanks for reading.


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4 Responses to It’s been along ways from turning the Dial and the TV Antenna : We need Converter Boxes

  1. jstnotherday says:

    Hi Susan, Wow, you’ve only just made this change where you are? We made the change (where analog TV’s needed a converter box) back in 2010. I soon discovered that I wasn’t missing anything, when I found that I could no longer get certain channels. In fact I picked up some better channels… like Retro TV (or in other words, clean, old fashioned TV). I did subscribe to Netflix. I like it. The choice of what I watch is in my hands. I have never in my life paid for TV (i.e., Cable or satellite) but always just went with what was offered at no charge. Free TV has become so disgusting though that I don’t even put the TV on except to watch PBS and on Wednesday nights, The Middle. Mostly I tune in to Netflix streaming.
    I often think how much better off we were when there were less options… and I miss the days when it was easy to just unplug and move the TV to another room if you wanted to. Now to move the TV is an entire project, what with connections, and converter boxes, and antenna’s…. 😦

    • Susan says:

      Thanks for sharing and for your comment. ~ I must be living in the ancient of day. Lol I have friends who don’t take the paper or have cable TV…they have digital antennas. It doesn’t cost that much. They have about 4 or 5 channels. No cable bill. At least they have local TV.

      As for cable, the old way was much cheater. The converter boxes cost monthly… I have Netflix… I did have direct TV. ~ I still watch less TV. I’m not into it… There’s not much to watch. I watch some sports, the news and a selective programs. That’s about as far I can go. I’m learning to use the internet for…movies etc. There may come a time when I’ll give up cable TV. I’m discovering options. The internet has news….

  2. Humor_Me_Now says:

    We have to be wise as you suggest. TV can suck up lots of time.

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