Thanking God Almighty for Friends, Food, Fun and Fellowship: They all go together

I’ve learned to thank God every single day.  He’s everything to me. He knows me more than I can ever know myself. I’m lost without Him. LORD, thanks for giving me life.

I thank God for friends. I’ve met a lot on beautiful people on my journey. I’m thankful that we can keep in touch. I’m blessed woman.

I’m thankful for the feast we had at Word Of Life Church last Friday, night. It was a wonderful gathering. I got there about 45 minutes early. I saved a table for a friend and myself… Before, I coming back to the table, I spent some time in the Upper Room.

When it was time to go the feast, I noticed that my friend was running late. Also, I was the only one at the table. I didn’t feel uncomfortable. I would have eat alone until my friend came.

We prayed over the food, the gathering: It was time to eat and fellowship.
I thank God for the friends that came up to me and ask me to sat with them. Then two other friends came and joined me at my table. God sent two angels to share a table with me while I was waiting for my other friend. (My other friend joined us later.)

The food was GOOD! So was the fellowship. I had some fun while I was at the gathering. I chatted with people. God is so good to me. I’m thankful for connections.

I don’t get out to eat much. I’m not much of a talker enough. However, it was good to sat down and eat out for a change. Thank You, Jesus!

May we take time to gather as the people of God and enjoy a meal together.
May we not to be too or caught up in things in life.
May we live life and enjoy the moments that we are in.

Thanks for reading.

Also at the gathering:
We had our tithes and offering time.
We receive communion at our table.
We had our dessert at the last.


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2 Responses to Thanking God Almighty for Friends, Food, Fun and Fellowship: They all go together

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    My Baptist friends like pot-luck (not marijuana). That was fun.

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