Happy Friday The 13th! ~ Thinking, what I thought was Superstitious ~ Are You Superstitious?

It’s another Friday, The 13th. It’s the last one of 2016. The next one will fall on Friday, January 13, 2017. I  wonder. How many people are superstitious?

I think we’re taught what bad luck is.  We call may call it, superstitious.  I was thinking about what I though was superstitious.  As I look back over my life, I can think of some things I though was back luck.  Here are a few.

Stepping on a crack: break your mother’s back.
Slitting the pole: an uneven number of people cross the opposite side of the pole.
Walking under a ladder: (I can’t recall doing this.)
Knocking over a salt shaker. ( ???)
Breaking a mirror: (I don’t know how many mirrors I broke)
Crossing the path of a black cat: (I’ve done it.)

I’m not superstitious. I may have been in my early years. I didn’t know better. But, as I grew wiser, the phrase, “stepping on a crack, you break your mother’s back” If we think about it, how could this be? I stepped on cracks lots of time. My mother’s back wasn’t broken.

Superstitious, bad luck or whatever we call it, is what it is. We need to think about what we think is bad luck or whatever.  Everything and anything that comes, will come. Whether if it good or bad.  We need to live room for mystery. We can’t explain every thing that comes in our lives.

Now, if I go about my day and a black cat crosses my path and I keep walking. And then later something bad happens. Will I think about that black cat crossing my path? I don’t know. If I look back on that day I might. But, at that time, I should be in the present moment.

I hope that you’re not superstitious. I think what this is, is fear of things that we were taught to believe. I don’t wish bad things to happen because I broke a mirror. I see that as an accident. I shouldn’t put more into the matter then what happened.

Happy Friday, The 13th!
Enjoy this day while it’s still today.

May the LORD deliver us from our fears.
May we ask God for wisdom to life out our lives.
May we live learn to live in the moments that we are in.

Thanks for reading.

1:13 PM  = The 13 hour of the day.
Don’t be superstitious.


About Susan

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3 Responses to Happy Friday The 13th! ~ Thinking, what I thought was Superstitious ~ Are You Superstitious?

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I agree Susan. My wife won’t let me use the work ‘luck’. She says Christians don’t have good or bad lucik because God is in control.

    • Susan says:

      Amen! God is in control! I heard the saying being blessed is blessing lucky. Chance comes…We shouldn’t think of bad luck as a curse. Things happen in life. We have to call upon God to see us through the times in our lives.

  2. jstnotherday says:

    Oh goodness, it is, isn’t it?!
    I was only aware that it is the day of the first apparition at Fatima.

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